Issues with Eminent Domain in the Holy See Essay

Issues with Eminent Domain in the Holy See Essay

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A. Eminent Domain is defined as “the power to take private property for public use by a state, municipality, or private person or corporation authorized to exercise functions of public character, following the payment of just compensation to the owner of that property” (Farlex, par. 1). Eminent domain has a long and distinguished legal history, dating back to the Magna Carta. The term “eminent domain” was coined by Hugo Grotius (1583–1645), a Dutch jurist and philosophe, to describe the power of the state over natural property (Dalton, par. 3). This legal process has been used in many nations ostensibly for the “greater good.” Recently, Russia has come onto the world stage as abusing the power of eminent domain in preparation for the 2014 Olympic Games, as has Brazil in regards to the World Cup and upcoming 2016 Olympic Games. They, like many nations, have been accused of not giving just compensation for property taken. World-wide, eminent domain and it abuse of have been increasing as the world’s population and economy change. Author Tit Elingtin writes “The governments have taken advantage of that eminent domain ruling, and you, the media, have failed at protecting citizens” (Elingtin par. 13). This quotation reflects many people’s opinions today. Many believe that governments abuse the power they are given with eminent domain and call on the United Nations to remove the problem.

B. The Holy See is the episcopal jurisdiction of the Catholic Church in Rome. Its leader, the Pope, or Bishop of Rome, resides in Vatican City. Vatican City is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome. Issues of eminent domain have been problematic in Vatican City’s history, as it is located...

... middle of paper ... condemned to be aborted, has the face of the Lord" (Pope Francis, pars. 2-4). This being said, the Holy See suggests the implementation of Natural Family Planning services across the world to give a safer alternative to contraceptives and abortion. The Holy See also would like to see governments supporting and helping improve the adoption process to lessen the strain places on expecting mothers, especially in cases of rape or incest. Counseling should also be made available for all abuse victims, regardless of gender, so that such drastic measures can be avoided. Reproductive health is a very prevalent topic in our ever changing world, but the Catholic Church stands firm in its belief to spread peace and love throughout the world. The aforementioned contraceptive practices, other than NFP, go against the Magisterium’s beliefs and therefore will not be supported.

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