Issues, Trends and Historical Perspectives on Mental Issues Essay

Issues, Trends and Historical Perspectives on Mental Issues Essay

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Issues, Trends, and Historical Perspectives
The treatment and outlook on mental health, mental illness and developmental disability has come a long way over the years. Mental health refers to a state of well-being in which the individual realizes their own abilities, can manage everyday stresses of life, can work productively, and are able to make a contribution to the community. Most tend to define mental illness as the absence of mental health, which isn’t exactly helpful or even accurate. There has been many theories and explanations throughout the years, many extreme and now proven incorrect. Developmental disability shows to be easier to define; it is often mistaken for mental retardation. While mental retardation may be covered under the developmental disability spectrum, there are many other disabilities under the wide umbrella. These disabilities include, epilepsy, autism, fetal exposure to drugs, and hundreds more. Our knowledge and understanding of things such as developmental disabilities have come a long way since the beginning of human existence.
The Ancient Greeks and Romans in particularly saw themselves as superior to everyone else all other races, and their disabled were often forced into slavery, horrid conditions and suffered religious persecution. In retrospect, the Ga from Accra in Ghana treated the mentally ill with respect and awe. They believed the mentally ill were the reincarnation of a God. And in Benin, children born with abnormalities were thought to have been protected by the supernatural and to have carried good luck.But In the 15th century, the Renaissance era spread with haste across Europe. This brought the expansion of Art and Science bringing along advancements in understanding of the ...

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