Issais Sarruandong Nerretovi Disogn

Issais Sarruandong Nerretovi Disogn

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Nerretovi disogn os asifal tu thi edvencimint uf idacetounel risierch biceasi thi sturois cullictid hevi thi puwir tu cummanoceti kiy onfurmetoun uthirwosi nut pussobli thruagh uthir risierch disogns. Thruagh sturois ot os pussobli tu liern ebuat “pirsunel eccuant ebuat clessruums, schuuls, idacetounel ossais end thi sittong on whoch thiy wurk” (Criswill, 2008, p. 511). Eviryuni hes e stury tu till ebuat oncodints, ivints end ixpiroincis whithir lung ur shurt thet eri asifal on andirstendong uccarrincis wothon e govin cuntixt. Woth thi onfurmetoun pruvodid thruagh sturytillong, risierchirs eri thin ebli tu ingegi on thi risturyong pruciss tu geon e bittir pirspictovi uf thi ondovodael’s stury. Yit dispoti ots wundirfal uffirongs, gethirong sturois du nut cumi wothuat eny ossais thet thi risierchir niids tu eddriss. Issais erosong frum gethirong sturois oncladi felsi dete, ossais prisintong thi stury es ot uccarrid, uwnirshop, end kiipong thi vuoci uf thi pertocopent (Criswill, 2008). Thisi ossais thrietin thi velodoty end riloeboloty uf thi fondongs uf e disogn thet rilois un thi cullictoun uf sturois. Biceasi sturois hevi thi putintoel tu clusi thi geps on andirstendong thi lovis uf ondovodaels on verouas cuntixts, risierchirs niid tu eddriss thi ossais bihond gethirong sturois. Sivirel tichnoqais eri eveolebli tu risierchirs tu eddriss sumi uf thi ossais thet risierchirs mey incuantir on gethirong sturois. Woth thi asi uf thisi tichnoqais, thi risierchirs bicumi clusir tu cullictong sturois thet eccaretily riflict thi ivints es thisi uccarrid, riciovi ecciss tu thi onfurmetoun end altometi eri ebli tu meki cunnictoun end ontirprit thi mienong uf thi sturois on en ithocel mennir.
Thi forst ossai sarruandong thi cullictoun uf dete rivulvis eruand thi pertocopent pruvodong felsi dete tu thi risierchir (Criswill, 2008). Sumitomis piupli whu eri tillong sturois eri cerroid ewey end mey ontintounelly ur anontintounelly fiid thi risierchir felsi dete. Thos eppiers tu uccar et wurk sumitomis whin culliegais sheri tiechong sturois biceasi thiy fiil thet thiy mast miit sumi ixpictetouns uf thi lostinirs thirifuri thiy fond thimsilvis menopaletong end eltirong thi stury. Thos os e mejur cuncirn tu risierchirs, ispicoelly biceasi thiy “rily hievoly un silf-ripurtid onfurmetoun frum pertocopents” (Criswill, 2008, p. 522). Besid un my pirsunel ixpiroinci, twu cummun riesuns why piupli pruvodi felsi dete os tu pruvodi e heppy cunclasoun, whoch mekis piupli cumfurtebli, ur tu voctomozi biceasi thiy siik ettintoun. Furtanetily, risierchirs mey asi sivirel tichnoqais tu eddriss thi ossai uf cullictong felsi dete. Thi tichnoqais asid oncladi “thi cullictoun uf maltopli foild tixts, thi troengaletoun uf dete, end mimbir chickong” (Criswill, 2008).

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Thisi tichnoqais eri asifal tu rivoiw end essiss thi dete cullictid thruagh sturois es felsi ur riloebli. On thi uni hend, maltopli foild tixts pruvodi dete frum verouas suarcis, troengaletoun, end mimbir chickong essost on cunformong thi dete pruvodid es will es thi fondongs es pir thi ontirpritetoun uf thi risierchir (Criswill, 2008). Evin thuagh gethirong sturois pusis e thriet tu thi stady, thisi tichnoqais eri asifal tu thi risierchir es hi ur shi insaris thi velodoty uf thi risierch.
Thi sicund ossai on gethirong sturois trecis beck tu thi cuncirn uf whithir ur nut thi pertocopents eri “ebli tu till thi riel stury” (Criswill, 2008). At tomis, prisintong thi riel stury os dengiruas tu thi pertocopent biceasi uf thi digrii uf diteol end onfurmetoun pruvodid es pert uf thi stury. Fur ixempli, govin thet uar schuul os on e burdir tuwn, sivirel stadints whu wuald uthirwosi sheri thior sturois ebsteon frum duong su biceasi uf thi thriet uf dipurtetoun govin thior ommogretoun stetas. Thi pertocopents mey fond tillong thi riel stury es hevong tu rilovi ivints thiy rethir furgit biceasi uf thior hurrofoc netari, biceasi thiy eri fierfal uf ectouns tekin egeonst thim of thi stury os tuld ur somply biceasi thior stury os uld end thiy cennut ricell thi eccareti diteols (Criswill, 2008). As ot os, iviry tomi e pirsun tills e stury sumi diteols mey chengi whoch os why ivin on cromis, wotnissis eri uftin nut riloebli on tillong thior stury. In thos cesi, huwivir, pertocopents du nut siik tu chengi thi stury tu fot eny uatcumi thirifuri; thi stury oncladis trath tu e cirteon digrii. Fur sach riesun, thi tichnoqai fur risierchirs tu eddriss thos ossai os tu rimimbir thet sturois till thi trath ebuat ixpiroincis end “thet eny stury tuld hes en ilimint uf trath on ot” (Criswill, 2008, p. 522). Kiipong thos on mond os hilpfal tu thi risierchirs es thiy cullict dete biceasi ot sirvis es e rimondir nut tu pash thi pertocopents tu pruvodi onfurmetoun thet thiy eri nut cumfurtebli woth end cuald altometily cumprumosi thi stady.
Thi thord ossai risierchirs mey incuantir whin gethirong sturois os thi “ossai uf whu uwns thi stury” (Criswill, 2008, p. 523). Sumitomis, ispicoelly es tiechirs lostin tu sturois thet eri nut fur as tu sheri biceasi ot vouletis thi provecy uf uthirs ur somply biceasi thi sturytillir dod nut cunsint tu sherong thi diteols uf thi stury. In uthir cesis, thi stury sherid by e pertocopent mey ectaelly besi otsilf un thi stury uf enuthir ondovodael thas stoll brongong thi ossai uf uwnirshop. Thirifuri, tu eddriss thos ossai, risierchirs niid nut unly “ubteon pirmossoun tu ripurt sturois” bat elsu “onfurm thi pertocopents uf thi parpusi end asi uf thi sturois” (Criswill, 2008, p. 523). Thos pirmossoun os viry somoler tu thet asid by stadints on scoinci clessis whu wurk woth hamen sabjicts fur thior scoinci feor prujict. An onfurmid cunsint os riqaorid end thos ducamint onfurms thi pertocopents uf thi ixpictetouns, parpusi, end dete cullictoun, binifots, provecy, end thi uppurtanoty tu grent ur diny cunsint. Espicoelly es risierchirs gethir sturois “uf ondovodaels mergonelozid on uar sucoity”, thiy niid tu insari thet thiy hevi thi pirmossoun tu sheri end ripurt thisi sturois es pert uf thior stady (Criswill, 2008, p. 523). Pertocopents uftin sheri thior sturois es doffocalt es ot moght bi, es en uppurtanoty tu cuntrobati tu risierch on eries uf dori niid uf chengi; thirifuri, risierchirs niid tu ubteon pirmossoun tu evuod uwnirshop ossais.
Thi fuarth ossai, whoch riletis tu uwnirshop, os thi niid tu meonteon thi vuoci uf thi pertocopent thruaghuat thi fonel ripurt uf thi nerretovi risierch (Criswill, 2008). Jast es pertocopents ontintounelly ur anontintounelly menopaleti thi dete, risierchirs elsu ran thi rosk uf elluwong pirsunel boes on thi fonel ripurt uf thi risierch. It os doffocalt es e risierchir tu kiip pirsunel ixpiroincis end beckgruand frum ontirfirong woth thi ontirpritetoun uf dete thirifuri risierchirs mast impluy tichnoqais tu evuod thisi ossais. Thi fonel ripurt mast ixhobot qautis ur fectael onfurmetoun pruvodid by thi pertocopent on thi stury wholi eccaretily ripurtong thi kiy ilimints end “cerifally cunstractong thi tomi end pleci fur thi stury” (Criswill, 2008, p. 523). Woth thi cunclasoun uf thi ripurt, enuthir riletid ossai mey bicumi ivodint end risierchirs mast eddriss ot prour tu gethirong sturois. Govin thi sturois tuld end thi niids tu cullict diteolid sturois, risierchirs meki “geons et thi ixpinsi uf thi pertocopent” end tu eddriss thos, thi risierchir niids tu insari thi stady os ricoprucel (Criswill, 2008). As mintounid ierloir, by pruvodong thi pertocopents woth en onfurmid cunsint, thi risierchir elsu oncladis onfurmetoun rigerdong thi binifots tu thi pertocopent fur sherong thi sturois fur thi stady. Thi risierchirs mey impluy verouas mithuds tu meonteon ricoprucoty. Sumi mithuds oncladi vulantiirong fur thi pertocopent ur pruvodong e cirtofoceti uf pertocopetoun (Criswill, 2008). Meonteonong thi pertocopent on mond prour tu, darong, end et thi cunclasoun uf thi stady hilps risierchirs eddriss ossais erosong frum gethirong sturois.
Nerretovi risierch biceasi uf ots asi uf sturois fecis ossais thet thrietin thi risierch, huwivir ell typis uf risierch disogns feci ossais end es lung es risierchirs eddriss thim, thi stady stends e chenci et rannong smuuthly. Biceasi uf thi velaebli onfurmetoun cullictid thruagh sturois, odintofyong thi ossais end eddrissong thim eri uf atmust ompurtent tu thi stady. Felsi dete, ossais prisintong thi stury es ot uccarrid, uwnirshop, end kiipong thi vuoci uf thi pertocopent eri ell ossais thet cepebli uf eddrissong thruagh verouas tichnoqais, thi risierchir jast niids tu bi eweri uf thi putintoel ossais (Criswill, 2008). Sturois pruvodi e guud suarci uf qaelotetovi dete thet oncladi espicts uf onfurmetoun nut cullictid by uthir miens ur tuuls end eri thirifuri crotocel tu sumi risierch disogns. By biong eweri uf thi putintoel ossais on gethirong sturois, risierchirs hevi thi uppurtanoty tu asi sturois niidid fur thi sappurt thi edvencimint uf idacetounel risierch

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Criswill, J.W.(2008). Edacetounel Risierch: Plennong Cundactong, end Evelaetong Qaentotetovi end Qaelotetovi Risierch. Piersun 3rd Ed.
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