Issues Regarding Animal Experimentation and Cloning Essay

Issues Regarding Animal Experimentation and Cloning Essay

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Animals may be used for experimentation to gain knowledge about human diseases and knowledge on how to cure them. Animals like mice and rats share physiological and generic similarities with humans. Animal experimentstion is helpful for elaborating medical science.

In the past years, scientists have been discovering how to clone animals. They tried their best to make this possible, but failed to do so. Until in the year 1996, Ian Wilmut, an English embryologist, together with Keith Campbell, cloned a sheep which was named Dolly.

Dolly was bred with a Welsh Mountain Ram and produced six lambs in total. Her first lamb was named Bonnie, then she produced twin lambs named Sally and Rosie, and she also gave birth to the triplets named Lucy, Darcy, and Cotton. In the autumn of 2001, at the age of four, Dolly developed arthritis and began to walk stiffly, but it was successfully treated with anti-inflammatory drugs.

Dolly was euthanized on the 14th of February 2003 because she had a lung disease and severe arthritis. She is a Finn Dorset, which has a life span of around 11 to 12 years, but Dolly only lived 6.5 years. “Roslin scientists stated that they did not think there was a connection with Dolly being a clone, and that other sheep in the same flock had died of the same disease. Such lung diseases are a particular danger for sheep kept indoors, and Dolly had to sleep inside for security reasons.”

Scientists tried to clone different kinds of mammals including pigs, deer, horses, and bulls after a successful experimentation of Dolly. Some were successful, but some also failed.

This paper will explain everything about cloning: its kinds and methods, how it is done, and some of the advantages and disadvantages. ...

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