Essay about The Issues Of The Equal Pay Act 1970

Essay about The Issues Of The Equal Pay Act 1970

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In this essay, I will be discussing the issues of what kind of discrimination women face in terms of equal pay. I will also explore the various methods in preventing such practices focusing on the public sector and comparing it to the private sector using the Equality Act 2010 and its predecessor the Equal Pay Act 1970.
Historically, it can be argued that women were always paid less than men and society’s perception of women being able to do the job of a man was due to the skills or experience required. This sort of orthodox attitude was a norm before the rise of the Equal Pay Act 1970. The Equal Pay Act 1970 was enacted at a time were it wasn’t uncommon for employers to openly award different rates of pay to men and women preforming the same job, thus there was a significant gap in the gender pay gap. There were various factors to the gender pay gap, mainly the fact that women had family responsibilities therefore need more time off work. This resulted in a large scale of work that’s not paid better because it’s only part-time position compared to full-time. The UK political spectrum isn’t very broad like in the USA where the Democrats and Republicans are very distinct. Therefore, the UK didn’t necessarily have a chance to change the system in terms of equal gender pay as opposed to other countries where it was required for such change due to equality and women’s freedom. An article confirms the gender inequality, where four decades after the Equal Pay Act, male company directors take home £21,000 a year more than female counterparts- resulting in female bosses earning 35% less than male colleagues. For that reason a claimant can complain of direct or indirect discrimination nature via the European Equal Pay Directive which is ...

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...tates that the employers must publish what they’re paying each male and female employee with respect to anonymising details of their names. This is useful because it forces the employer to consider if there is actually a gender pay gap. Secondly, it gives women who are paid less a tool for negotiation or ultimately go to the tribunal to bring a claim. An example of a firm which has started the trend to publish the pay gap information is Deloittes, whom have recognised they’ve got an issue amongst their female employees and doing more to make changes. Despite this, it causes various issues as to what is the meaning of pay, and that is that it’s not just of monetary contractual value but other benefits an employee gets, such as healthcare, company car, Christmas bonuses as an incentive for future work etc. which can amount to be pay as seen in Lewen v Denda [2000].

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