Essay about The Issues Of School Systems

Essay about The Issues Of School Systems

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I would like to address the issues in school systems about having a one-way form of “effective learning” (Pritchard 178) and not accounting for sociocultural differences of students. One-way form meaning only teaching one way without any deviations or considerations that all students do not learn the same way. This does not have to be the fault of the teacher although it can be. Teachers are given curriculums that they have to follow, so the system itself requires reform, not just teachers. Students do not all think the same way and teaching them all under one format will not help or engage all students.
However, teachers can be very impactful in how they address and interact with students of different cultures. If teachers do not know how to bring up issues that other cultures are dealing with or how to interact without biases (Carter 2005), it can lead to negative interactions with students. This was made apparent in the readings and in my own personal life as well. The recruitability of students can decrease depending on how much a student conforms to the dominant culture in education which often conflicts with minority cultures. This should not happen and is related to biases. I would like to change the way students are taught and to encourage teachers, and the educational system as a whole, to support cultural identity in the classroom.
I propose several workshops between Education students and teachers. These workshops would aim to inform teachers about different definitions of “effective learning” (Pritchard 178). Students would urge teachers to adjust their perceptions and embrace a mindset that is open to different types of learning instead of the standard one where the student is engaged and attentive, while only bei...

... middle of paper ... Hopefully these workshops would broaden the format of lesson plans and cause teachers to increase their recruitment of students through better understanding of their lives and points of view. Having actual adult student’s accounts of their own lives should make the situation more real and valid to teachers who may have doubts or uncertainties. In my childhood experience, cultural suffocation in the classroom was the only way to achieve success. That idea was supported by family, peers, and teachers. My mother was the person who had to create her own little lesson plans for me at home when I was a child because teachers at the time did not work with different intelligences. As can be read in the readings, these situations are still happening and causing damage to the students involved. That needs to change and hopefully my workshops would be one step towards that.

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