Issues of human rights in South Africa

Issues of human rights in South Africa

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Issues of human rights in South Africa (Adolescent’s Perspective)
In the eyes of the law, South Africa’s law is unflawed, due to the fact that it used to be successful in providing South African citizens with basic services. Currently with all the corruption taking place within the government, the rights of citizens are questionable, even more questionable are the implication of basic rights to the youth of South Africa. With this being said the five most pressing issues in my view are:
• Everyone has the right to life
• Right to proper food, medical care and conditions in jail
• Right to education
• The right to electricity and clean water
• freedom of expression
Everyone has the right to life:
This right means that every human being has the right to life and that right cannot be infringed on by another human being. This right due to the high crime, the recent implication of abortion and negligence rates increasing is often violated.
Right to proper food, medical care and conditions in jail:
This right has an outline stating that your basic needs (food, water, shelter, etc) must be met even though you are in jail or under trial circumstances. This right in South Africa is treated as a privilege , although it is fundamental to any human beings existence. This right is often violated by the corrupted police, who take advantage of prisoners and their situations. Recently an episode of Carte Blanch aired showing the world the conditions the South African prisoners live under which explains the 14,6% of deaths in prisons. Often the prisoners are left to starve or fed after every 2 days if they are lucky, bath in open showers in large numbers to degrade, jail cells use toilet water as the same water to give prisoners. Prisoners can get raped or harmed while the officers on duty watch like nothing is happening. This then begins to violate the law stating that all “Prisons shall be well-ordered communities: where there is no danger to life, health or personal integrity”. In closing jails in South Africa take advantage of the fact that according to our constitution prisoners lose their ‘privilege’ rights and don’t take care the prisoners to minimum standards.

Right to free basic education:

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This right in simple terms means that other than those who choose to use private education, have the right to free basic education which according to the constitution is up until grade 9 (Standard 7), after this schooling becomes a choice. The problem with this is that the South African government has been promoting the idea of free and quality education, however any type of free education in south Africa is seriously questionable because there are no longer easily accessible to people in the rural areas, good teachers are becoming more of an endangered species, the resources that are available for schools are limited and too any learners are placed in one class. The reason South Africa should have one of the best free education is because that is where majority of our National Budget is spent.

The right to electricity and clean water:
The right to water is rewarded to accommodate the basic needs for personal and domestic reasons such as drinking, bathing, cleaning etc. The right to electricity states if electricity is unable to be provided a clean and safe alternate energy must be provided. As the youth I find that the majority of the country lives without electricity and has to use paraffin or candles which in both cases is a fire hazard making this choice of alternative energy unsafe or clean to be use in the homes of South African citizens. When many citizens are living with one tap between one hundred people or having to walk to a river which could be 20 kilometres away from their homes. Not only is clean water difficult to access in some areas but it is not clean water. This trouble is all because the government is unable to provide the basic needs of South African citizens.
The freedom of expression:
This is referred to as the lawful right to state one’s opinion, this may also include the way one dresses and or acts. This right is infringed on by uniform identity

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