The Issues Of Globalization On American Class Rooms And Why The New America Foundation

The Issues Of Globalization On American Class Rooms And Why The New America Foundation

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Douglas McGray uses rhetorical choices to his advantage by using statistics, appeal to fear, and expert’s opinions in “Lost in America” to convince the younger generation to become interested in global learning and knowledge of other countries so we can be one with other nations. McGray is a “think tank” examiner over political and cultural issues for Foreign Policy magazine and a fellow worker at the New America Foundation. This essay appeared in the May- June 2006 issue of Foreign Policy’s magazine. In this essay McGray discusses the issues of globalization teachings in American class rooms and why the education system needs to look into opening the learning curriculum up for foreign languages and cultural background.
Throughout the article, McGray uses statistics to support evidence about how much American students are lacking in their education system. By doing this he illustrates the idea that American students are under-educated in cultural practices and need to broaden their horizons. For example he says “In 2002, with their troops occupying Kabul, Afghanistan, and both Washington and the rest of the world debating a possible invasion of Iraq, 85 percent of 18- to 24-year-old Americans surveyed by the National Geographic Society could not find either country on a map” (McGray 352). By using this example, McGray supports his statement of American students not knowing what is going on in the country including where it is happening as well. This statement appeals to education boards and students by showing them how terrible American classrooms are failing to provide academic teachings of politics and cultural aspects of around the world. It just helps to show that what is taught inside a classroom is very important when it c...

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...e in his article, “Lost in America”. McGray uses many rhetorical choices, such as statistics, appeal to fear, and “expert’s” opinion in order to make his claim about the issue of under-educated students in America. He also says in his article, “The United States can no longer afford an isolationist education system, any more than the world can afford an isolationist American public” (McGray 359). By saying this is he is stating the importance of that the other nations rely on America just as much as America relies on them. This is why education should be very important in American schools to broaden the students into becoming bilingual and learning about cultural aspects of the others nations. Once the education system is fixed and students are finally instructed of all the information they are needed with America and the other nations will be in balance once again.

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