Issues of E-mail Marketing Essay

Issues of E-mail Marketing Essay

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8% of companies and advertising agencies have an email marketing team and Internet marketing has a return on investment 4,300% (Ethical Marketing for Competitive Advantage). Email marketing is a new way of advertising and is increasing dramatically. Internet is used recently as not only as a source of information but also as a place where companies can offer and promote its products. The bombardment of the internet users with constant intrusive advertisements that either they wish to see or they do not wish to see has created problems. These problems range from lack of trust to serious concerns about Internet safety and access to private data. The way email marketing treats our private data is a major concern. Email marketing is an effective way of advertising and much cheaper than any other media (infront webworks) but it is important to put in consideration that each one has his/her privacy, which cannot be accessed.

Email marketing can access personal information from emails. Consumer online life may not seem to be tracked as he/she accesses the Internet. But it is really important for marketers to know what the consumers prefer. Marketers start out by sending emails to people and through this mail they can access consumers’ mails and find out what they like. Melissa Riofrio in her article”Pc World” described this act of invasion privacy, as “It’s totally invisible to users. They have no idea what’s happening”(Pc World). There is a big difference between what “Folks think their privacy rights are online and what they actually are online” (Pc World). This is how consumers get tricked. When they signup for a new service online and when they spot the word privacy policy, they feel safe. The policy entitles some people to have...

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...n by filling a form or ask customers to “set their browsers accept or reject cookies from the sites they visit” (New Eu Regulations to affect email online marketing).

All in all, email marketing is an effective way of advertising and has a high return on investments if used correctly. However, there has been many issues on the way email advertising violates privacy, but the government managed to handle this issue by setting rules that gives consumers the right to feel secured and gives them their rights of privacy and nobody can access it. And anyone who violates these rules will face court and be punished.

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