The Issues Nike Corporation had with Unions Essay

The Issues Nike Corporation had with Unions Essay

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The world-wide Nike Corporation has changed their policy from poor treatment of their employees which do not reflect the Catholic Social Teachings of Life and The Dignity of a Human Person and The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers, but now they have made some minor improvements. In Third World countries were large Unite States corporations have moved in a large part to avoid problems in the United States (Schlafly). The reasons they moved are they can hire workers at very low wages, the companies do not have to pay any employee benefits, they do not have to worry about safety and environmental regulations and they do not have to pay foreign taxes when they export their products back to the United States (Schlafly). But, the main reason they have built those factories they make a much greater profit. It is all about the money, not the people.
Sweatshops have been present for centuries. Since sweatshops were discovered no other company has received as much criticism as Nike has. Nike moved most of its production markets across the globe because this gave them several benefits. Expanding into China, the world’s most populous country, opened up a huge opportunity to spread into all of Asia because there was the labor aspect in which cheap labor could produce shoes and other clothing at a lower cost. Everything seemed well in the corporation as stockholders and managers were receiving huge dividends and the public was receiving great products.
However, in 1991 problems began, Jeff Ballinger a labor activist made a report on working conditions and wage levels for the Asian-American Free Labor Association(Nisen). Ballinger believed that foreign companies often exploited low wage, politically repressed labor pools(Nisen). Subs...

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