Issues in Academic Library: Essential Skills of Information Professional

Issues in Academic Library: Essential Skills of Information Professional

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1.0 Introduction
An academic library is a library where it is to be found in an academic institution. As stated by Burke and Miller (1993), “the information world has expanded dramatically over the last decade due mainly to developments in communication. Information technology developments have resulted in new methods of communications whilst the latest telecommunications systems have altered the speed of communications. Both of these major changes have affected the way in which information is handled, stored and exchanged across the world.” Therefore, an academic library acts as a source of information where the users within the institution have the access to dig in information and look for guidance from the librarians. It is also known as the heart of the institution. An academic library would not be complete without their information professionals. According to Missingham (2006), “librarians and library technicians are at the heart of many exciting developments in information service in the twenty first century.” In other words, we need their expertise and skills to manage the never ending information that we have today. Ashcroft (2004) also stated that, “in line with the rapid and ongoing materialization of new technologies, library and information science has become a profession characterised by fast-paced change, new and emerging sets of skills, and a shift in the relationship between the customer and the professional (be that relationship between library user and librarians or between librarians and information suppliers or publishers.” Generally speaking, an information professional has to possess essential skills to compete in this information abundant era.

2.0 Literature review
Information professionals (IPs) must...

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