Issues Faced With Mental Illness Essay

Issues Faced With Mental Illness Essay

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Issues faced with mental illness 1
The documentary The diary of a broken mind accurately illustrates what it is like to live in a society with mental illness. To go into more detail, it shows the issues faced in society with dissociative identity disorder and bi-polar disorder. This documentary shows the many hardships someone must overcome to try and maintain a day to day life that involves social connections, and trying to achieve the same goals that someone without these disorders would be capable of. The two main people focused on in this paper are Jess and Abby.
Jess suffers from Dissociative Identity disordered, which is labelled as a post-traumatic condition that is triggered by traumatic childhood experiences (Spiege). This illness is triggered when a child experiences extreme abuse and/ or neglect causing them to have emotional deprivation, while growing up these children had no one whom they felt they could secure a nurturing bond (Kluft, 1991). The individual manifests two or more independent identities, these identities can also be known as states, these states developed as a defence mechanism to protect the primary identity from negative stimuli. The child can endure disconnected states when they are confronted with overwhelming trauma. These disconnected states can continue and the child will block out harming abuse/ neglect that can be caused by a person or a relationship (Kluft, 1988).
Abby suffers from Bipolar disorder, this is when a person suffers from being vulnerable to episodes of mania and depression, which is labelled as Bipolar I; Bipolar II is when the person suffers fr...

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...ness, they are not taught that some injuries are not visible like a broken arm. Society does not make support for these people easy to achieve, instead, they make it more difficult. People need to prove their mental illness just to get help, and even then there are extensive waiting lists and limited solutions available.
This documentary accurately shows how difficult it is to live in a world filled with people who don’t fully understand why you act the way you do, or why you can’t just act normal. The lack of support society has for them, causing them to feel insecure about their illness which only suppresses them from having proper relationships with people and equal opportunities that everyone else is allowed to have. This documentary shows the contemporary issues in society when it comes to living with and around mental illness, and how hard is to deal with them.

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