The Issues Behind Sleep Deprivation Essay

The Issues Behind Sleep Deprivation Essay

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Paper: The Issues behind Sleep Deprivation
PH 144 Health Behavior Theory
Ian Jang (72657137)
University of California Irvine

The public health problem that I am addressing is the lack of sleep. The target population will be adolescents and college students in America. Sleep is important to health because the timing, quality, and duration are essential. Sleep plays a big role in good health and well-being throughout your life. How you feel when you are awake comes from how well you slept at night. Sleep has a direct correlation with metabolic regulation, emotional regulation, performance, memory consolidation, learning, and brain recuperation process. Because of these factors it should be viewed as just as important when comparing with physical activity and diet.
Section 1: Public Health Problem and Behavior
There is a behavior component related to sleep disorders. REM sleep is a behavior related to sleep disorders. REM sleep is a mental health problem that many adolescents and adults suffer from today. Today many adolescents overuse social media which causes sleep deprivation. Depending on how often you use social media it can dictate how much sleep you get. Adults have to work shift hours which usually results in graveyard shifts that take away sleeping time. If you have to work hours that cut into your sleep time than the timing of your sleep may be off and it could affect your health. According to Shelley D Hershner and Ronald D Chervin 50% of college students in America Suffer from REM sleep.
After critically analyzing the determinants of sleep deprivation I have discovered that some of the major determinants of sleep deprivation are that technology has become a large part of everyday life for a...

... middle of paper ...

...of Rem-Sleep and a higher recovery rate.

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