The Issues Arising From File Sharing Essay

The Issues Arising From File Sharing Essay

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The internet is one of the most exciting phenomena to be invented in the world of technology. It was widely received and accepted by all sectors of the society, including the government, and businesses. The communication and media platforms were on the frontline in embracing the new technology. The internet is currently the largest source of music and video content. The availability of high-speed internet connections and a creation of inexpensive and easily distributable digital contents has facilitated to the high number of downloads. This has been attributed with both advantages and disadvantages. The creation of peer-to-peer (P2P) media sharing platforms led to a rise of the controversy surrounding this form of media consumption. This paper discusses the moral issues arising from file sharing. With a worldwide reach, the internet has facilitated massive downloads of copyrighted contents without the knowledge or proper compensation of the rightful author. However, the providing, sharing, or downloading of content on these platforms is a violation intellectual property rights known as piracy.
Musicians and recording companies argue that the music and videos on the internet are their property, upon which they expect to get economic benefits, and downloading their content is wrong. However, these cries fall on deaf ears since content downloading and sharing has become part of everyday life activities. Goel, Miesing, & Chandra noted that some studies have attributed the downturn in sales being experienced in the music industry as strictly due to piracy. Others argue that the drop in sales may be attributed to consumer behavior, with people switching their listening habits from CD purchases to digital platforms such as media strea...

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...n to be effective in obtaining quick settlements, but at the same time, it has a huge cost of damaging the public image of the plaintiff. This leaves the media industry with only one option of introducing equally attractive online platforms for the consumers to access the music and videos. Emerging technologies and social media have changed the way in which consumers can access, consume, and share music. In my opinion, file sharing is one of the greatest things that could happen for everyone involved, except for the industry executives. These events have brought more money to artists, more content to consumers, and more overall benefits to the art itself. This elimination of producers and access to free outlets has created a level playing ground for all artists, giving the consumers the power to decide which artist gets their big break, all based on what they offer.

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