Issues and Ethics in The "Helping" Professions Essay

Issues and Ethics in The "Helping" Professions Essay

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Critique of Issues and Ethics Themes in the Helping Professions

Workers in the helping professions endure a massive amount of ethical and professional issues. These issues affect the practice of counseling and the relationship with the client. The book Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions by Corey, Corey, and Hallanan gives many themes that one will encounter throughout their career. The book also gives possible solutions to problems and stimulates different ways to think about issues. The authors of this book provide good knowledge and information for anyone in the helping professions.
One theme of the book that stands out is the counselor as a person and a professional. It is impossible to completely separate one’s personal and professional lives. Each person brings to the table certain characteristics of themselves and this could include such things as values, personality traits and experiences. A great point that Corey, Corey, and Callahan (2010) make is to seek personal therapy. Talking with colleagues or a therapist will keep counselors on their toes and allow them to work out any issues that may arise. This could also prevent counselors from getting into a bad situation. Another good point made in this book was counter transference. Therapists are going to have an opinion and some reactions are going to show through. It is not easy to hide one’s emotions, but a good therapist will keep the objective in sight and keep moving forward. After all, the help counselors are providing is for the client.
One aspect that wasn’t stressed enough in this theme was how often counselors should seek therapy. The more often a therapist seeks therapy, the more beneficial it can be to them. Talking more often wi...

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...a decision. Like the many cases in this book showed, sometimes there is not a right and wrong answer. A good counselor will use their skills, experience, and education to overcome obstacles in therapy and to provide the client with excellent helping service.

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