The Issue Of Waste Issue Essay

The Issue Of Waste Issue Essay

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The issue of paper waste is one of the major environmental issues in today’s society. Because paper is so easily found and widely used, many people use it without thinking about where it comes from or where it goes after they have finished using it. People take paper for granted that they have unlimited amounts of papers and it would always be around them. When people use a lot of paper, they do not realize that they are sacrificing the Earth for using papers. Many people do not realize how serious this problem is and some ignore it altogether. Paper waste issue is not just a simple local environmental problem. Instead, it is a worldwide issue because it goes further than just paper waste that it directly connected to all other larger environmental problems systematically such as deforestation, air pollution, water contamination, and biodiversity.
Canada has been considered as one of the largest forestry markets in the world, particularly for a pulp and paper products (Bourdages, 1993). On the other hand, this could also mean Canada has been environmentally damaged a lot because of that production. According to the Statistics of Canada website, the amount of total waste disposal increased more than a million tons since 2010 (Stats Canada, 2015). The total waste disposal number is slowly decreasing every year in certain provinces of Canada and British Columbia is one of them (Stats Canada, 2015). However, too much waste is still being made. Surprisingly, paper waste takes the second largest portion of the entire garbage from Canada. In Metro Vancouver paper waste creates 15 percent of the entire household garbage, which adds up to about 67000 tonnes on average of paper waste is produced every year (Metro Vancouver, 2015). The tota...

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.... Paper is not a complimentary product because we are sacrificing our planet to get more and more papers. The process of paper production gives negative effects to the environment. However, people do not care about this issue as much as they should. Recycling cannot completely solve the issue of paper waste, but it can be the first step to get near to the sustainable paperless society. Individuals’ behaviours cannot improve the large environment issue, but it is always better to do something than doing nothing. For example, use clothes instead of paper towels, use two sides of paper, use email instead of mail, or unsubscribe unnecessary flyers by joining the Red Dot Campaign. Technologies are rapidly developing and we can reduce the use of papers by adapting those technologies into their daily life. I hope my two designs could help improving the issue of paper waste.

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