The Issue Of Transgender Patients Essay

The Issue Of Transgender Patients Essay

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Transgender patients.
Gender reassignment procedures continue to grow in society and as result so does care for transgender patients. It has received more attention in popular culture in recent years through celebrity and legislation. Though this procedure has be available for a number of years it is not without its controversy. Procedure like this may challenge one’s person beliefs, finding it to be immoral. Health care providers may find it difficult to take care of patient in this population. These patients often represent high risk population. Healthy People 2020 (2016) states of transgender individual, that they have a higher prevalence to of STDs, victimization, mental issues, and suicide. This information could further prejudice an anesthetist against the best care they can provide.
The age of the patient may be the defining conflict with the provider. Currently gender reassignment should not be completed until after the age of 18 because of being an irreversible procedure, however in reality this procedure does take place at younger ages (Milrod, 2013). One might ask themselves if an adolescent is adequately equipped to deal with the life altering decisions once the procedure takes place. As an anesthesia provider = is not one’s place to determine if a procedure is ethical, but to provide the best care possible. However an anesthesia provider can consult their ethics board if necessary to discuss the case. Milrod (2013) suggest that the decision to proceed with gender reassignment procedure should be done on a case-by-case basis. Again empathy is an import quality to share with these vulnerable patients.
Because nurse anesthetist are exposed to so many various cultures and diversity what is guiding their profes...

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...f there are specific belief that should be recognized. Bahreman and Swaboda (2016) states that reading and learning about different cultures is beneficial, it does not provide an adequate experience. Greater experiences come from using scenarios to highlight cultures differences and provide confidence in interactions.
The culture of the nation is continuously changing and adapting. This diverse landscape will continue to effect the cultural background of nurse anesthetist and that of their patients. This has be illustrate by language differences, religious differences, and differences in lifestyle choice. One should knowledgeable of about cultural differences and the resources available as way to improve one’s cultural competency. Knowing and understanding cultural differences may be the key to going from adequate health care to superior health care.

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