The Issue Of The Tobacco Industry Essay examples

The Issue Of The Tobacco Industry Essay examples

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The Tobacco Industry received quite a message from the Government of India (GOI) in 2001. The GOI planned on stopping the advertisements of Tobacco from cultural and sporting events alike, with a bill that was on the horizon of being released. The goal was to equip the Government with the tools to launch an anti-Tobacco Program and discourage adolescents from consuming tobacco products. A heated discussion sparked soon after the proposition of this decision.

The Supporters
Similar bans were already in place in countries such as Norway, France, and Finland. The Advocates of free choice believed that these bans were an intrusion in the private lives of citizens by the state thus, creating opposing sides. Those in favor believed that the overall interest of the citizens should definitely be intervened by the state. Around 1981, the Belgium Supreme Court of Appeals found that banning tobacco advertising was not unconstitutional. About 10 years later, the French Constitutional Council found that freedom trade would not decrease in any way by protecting the public’s health. This led to the ban of advertising tobacco products by the French.

Three million deaths caused by tobacco were accounted for according to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 1990. That number reached over another million within 8 years. By 2020, that number is expected to jump another four million. The tobacco companies provoked an increase of fear in regards to children and young people being induced into experimenting with tobacco products. In 1997, the California Supreme Court ruled that the company RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, The marketer for Camel cigarettes, could be prosecuted for exploiting minors. The company used an animated camel with colorful ad...

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...On the other hand, the government may feel like they are not giving their citizens enough credit to make their own decisions about their health. I personally think that government officials should put some sort of limit on advertising, but not completely. Limitations that I would agree with include limiting such commercials to late night only, no billboards what so ever, no advertising on public transit or at any family events. Smoking is a choice and who so ever chooses to should be well informed of the risks. Tobacco companies should be held responsible for ensuring that they explicitly explain every risk of smoking. The law should also include certain stipulations of advertising such as no cartoon or cartoon like characters or anything that would appeal to children and young people. And last, I believe that there should be a tobacco tax imposed by the government.

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