The Issue Of The Sugar Industry 's 50 Year Old Campaign Essay

The Issue Of The Sugar Industry 's 50 Year Old Campaign Essay

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Sugar Industry 's 50 year old campaign to convince us that sugar is not that bad for you. Think obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, premature death, etc.
Catholic Church 's decades old efforts to suppress pedophilia within the church. Praise the lord indeed.
Us Government convinces American public that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction (4-6 trillion dollars later, millions dead, thousands of soldiers maimed, thousands more to be cared for for the rest of their lives at your expense (VA) - were still there)
Big Tobacco convinces American public that tobacco is safe. This has been going on for decades.
Big Oil"s efforts to deny climate change - it goes back to the 1950s and continues today.
Volkswagen - "our cars meet exhaust standards"
GM - "ignitions switches safe"
Toyota - "accelerator pedals safe"
Cops - "we don 't profile", "we don 't shoot unarmed people", we don 't harass citizens of color
U.S. Justice system declares "tooth bite marks to be junk science" after decades of in court use.
US criminal court system questions current validity of finger prints, blood spatter marks, eye witnesses testimony, bullet pattern analysis, etc, etc
Medical Experts say PSA and digital rectal exam just a little bit better than useless.
Hormone replacement therapy will take your blues away. But, it may also kill you.
To lose weight - exercise more. (It 's a lie - ya gotta reduce calories. Thanks big Sugar and Big Medicine)
Trans fats are safe and better than saturated fats. And they kill people. Thanks Big Food - it only took 30 years to figure that out.
Money Management Industry - "let us invest your money" even though we don 't know what the market will do tomorrow plus we 'll take 2% every year whether you make or los...

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Climate change - a loaming disaster.
Income inequality - Want to know what happens when so much power is concentrated in the hands of a few? Ask a cerf, a peasant, a slave or a Jew! Or the majority of Black people in America.
Nuclear weapons - most people have no idea how close we 've come to blowing the whole frigging world up on several occasions.
Want to be healthy - here take this drug! The number one source of information that doctors rely upon for data about pharmaceuticals is pharmaceutical salespersons. The very same people who couldn 't make the cutoff for an MBA, CPA, Finance or Economics degree but are very good at smiling and making you think they are your friend. And when they come to your medical practice to advise you about the poison they peddle, they bring treats for the staff - aren 't they sweet.Thanks Big Pharm. Screw that healthy life style shit.

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