The Issue Of The Obesity Epidemic Essay

The Issue Of The Obesity Epidemic Essay

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In discussions of the obesity epidemic, one controversial issue has been increasing regulations on junk food. On the one hand, supporters of the idea argue that it is the U.S. government 's responsibility to protect its citizens from diseases like obesity, and that extra regulations would do just that. On the other hand, detractors contend that more government regulations would limit consumer choice and infringe on human rights. Others even maintain that junk food should be illegal. My own view is that fast food corporations are mostly responsible for the obesity epidemic and should be further regulated.
Yet some readers may challenge my view that the U.S. government should further regulate Junk food. After all, many believe that the government would be infringing on the rights of consumers. Indeed, my argument seems to ignore that you should be able to purchase and consume what you want, and that reducing obesity comes down to personal responsibility. However, I still maintain that further government intervention is required because although we may think we have a choice in what we eat, the addictive properties in fast food prevent us from selecting healthier options. In fact, according to a study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, fast food is as addictive as drugs. If drugs are illegal, then why isn 't fast food at least further regulated ?
One of the of the U.S. government’s most essential roles is to protect its citizens from both foreign and domestic threats. And obesity threatens the health and welfare of millions of Americans. The CDC reports that more than one third of the United State’s population are overweight. However, the U.S, government has done little to nothing in combating this problem. A s...

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..., with the implementations of more stringent regulations on junk food the most convenient and inexpensive option would be much healthier. This would make it easier for consumers to eat healthier because fresher more nutritious food would be more ubiquitous and accessible. Thus, the obesity rate and healthcare costs would notably decrease.
As the evidence suggests, it is imperative that the United States government introduce extra regulations into its food and beverage industry. If supplementary regulations are introduced people would be much healthier, health care costs would significantly decrease, and healthy food would be more commonplace and available. However, if the U.S. government continues to sit idly by and fast food is not further regulated the obesity rate will continue to grow, the life expectancy of Americans will shorten, and the economy will suffer.

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