Essay on The Issue Of The American Woman

Essay on The Issue Of The American Woman

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Time Magazine’s March 1972 issue had the words plastered “Special Issue, THE AMERICAN WOMAN” across the cover in a bright yellow band covering the name, TIME. In this image, it is best to work from the inside out. This issue of Time does not have any other words on the cover besides “TIME”, “Special Issue, THE AMERICAN WOMAN”, “Fifty Cents”, and “March 20, 1972”. The magazine has a red band around it, common for many issues of Time magazine. The title of the magazine, Time is white with a purple background.
The main focus of the cover is a clear/see through face that has a plethora of objects in it. The face is stuffed with these objects. Starting from the upper left corner of the face there is a yellow credit card. Behind the credit card is a voting ticket with the options of “Democrat” and “Republican”. Moving clockwise, there is a blue typewriter with white paper. Next to the typewriter is a golden trophy. In front of the trophy is a baby doll with blue eues waving his hand. All that is visible of the baby is its head and its hand. The rest of the baby’s body is covered by what is believed to be a flower printed change purse, but it could also be another object. For the sake of description, it will be defined as a change purse with flowers of blue, orange, red, pink and yellow. A pink bow is pinned to the change purse and after looking further down the face, the bow is part of a pair of baby pink ballet shoes. Within the strings to tie the ballet shoes is a silver fork and spoon. Next to the baby is a cake topper of a husband and a wife on their wedding day linking arms. Next to the cake topper, is a circular package, most likely for birth control. On the other side of the cake topper is a pink measuring tape. U...

... middle of paper ... “approved” of using a typewriter.
The cover of this issue of Time magazine displays the gender norms. Cowan discusses in his article about the elimination of servants in the 1920’s due to many new modern cleaning and cooking technologies that were released. In my opinion, this lead to the modern housewife who had to take care of her family and take care of the house. There were a majority of expectations for women who were housewives, and none of them include creating new technologies. The absence of technology in the cover states Time magazine’s opinion of women’s use of technology. Time magazine is saying that women are too busy being a housewife to take part in the new technologies being created at that time. Women also weren’t “approved” to create these new technologies. Being a housewife was an approved “job” for women in 1972 and Time magazine shows that.

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