The Issue Of The American North And South There Has Been Animosity Essay

The Issue Of The American North And South There Has Been Animosity Essay

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For as long as there’s an American north and south there has been animosity

and tension, From the nation’s very inception, country man quarreled over a litany of

issues, debating the pros and merits of one cause or philosophy over another. Quite

often factions were geography based. In particular due to the technological restrictions

on travel often isolating communities and states from others who might disagree with

widely held beliefs. This lack of exposure often serving to increase fervor for causes and

engender resentment for opposing points of view. This would often in turn lead to

widespread disagreement on political policy, national leadership, tax rates and social

issues. Of which few issues were so hotly and frequently debated as that of Slavery.

Widespread in the south, though most southerners didn’t own slaves, according to the

U.S Census of 1850, of the roughly 3.6 million blacks in the U.S at the time, an

astounding 3.2 million were enslaved. (1). To further clarify the scale and scoop of

slavery one must take into account that at the time the total population of the entire

south was only 9.1 million(1). And in many states particular the “Lower” South the

number of enslaved rivaled and in the case of Mississippi and South Carolina well

exceeded the number of Free men. Put simply, these enslaved people, in particular the

goods their forced labor produced were the lifeblood of the southern economy and thus

it could be argued their entire way of life and thus was often considered in the minds of

many southern a vital, time-honored tradition of their people. To many northerners

however, Slavery was merely one of a long line of barbaric southern backwoods

practices, in turn considere...

... middle of paper ...

...ry were a large number of

Slaves, Slavers and of course pro-Slavery persons, many of whom immigrated from the

nearby pro slavery state of Kansas. Amongst these Advocates of Slavery were many

groups, largely from nearby Pro-slavery Missouri, who immigrated to Kansas to

establish a foothold for slavery in the territory and force its acceptance. The proximity of

Kansas to Missouri casing their numbers to quickly swell and forming a majority. They

were soon joined by small numbers of Northerners, who preceded to form their own

Towns and Strongholds, among these northerners were a considerable number of

Abolitionists, who considered Slavery sinful and immoral and believed, often

passionately in full and equal rights for all peoples, both Black and White. Though their

majority of Northerners, who would later call themselves Free Staters, wanted neither

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