The Issue Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

The Issue Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Putting yourself in someone else 's shoes is not an easy task to do, however, by trying to understand how others think and feel aids in sharpening one of the most vital skills of a social worker, which is the ability to be empathetic towards others and their situations.
I choose the topic challenges of teen pregnancy to analyze through a life course perspective because I am personally affected by this topic by being a product of a teen pregnancy. I choose to get in contact with Planned Parenthood for my agency visit as I thought this agency would provide the most and diverse support to such a complex and marginalized population. While at my agency visit I learned an amazing amount about the services that are available to teens that are pregnant along with the services that Planned Parenthood offered. After having the opportunity to ask the workers questions and participate in a tour of the agency I felt the need to reflect.
Through reflecting I learned that, although it is important to take into consideration to my own experiences with teen pregnancy, I am not the expert and everyone 's experiences with teen pregnancy differ from my own. I discovered that even though my parents and I have a very loving and closer relationship presently, it hasn 't always been that way, and I contributed most of the negative impacts in our relationship to be direct correlation of the young age of my parents. I discovered trough self-reflection that I have an overall negative outlook on teen pregnancy. I realized that there are many factors in my life that played a role in casting a negative outlook on teen pregnancy and parenting such as; society socially constructed roles of adolescent and parents along with social norms, my own experience with t...

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... pregnant as a teenager is a risk factor in itself, although there are protective factors identified by the staff at Planned Parenthood that can help manage the risk factors of being pregnant during adolescent years. Those protective factors are; talking to a support system, taking advantage of services such as Planned Parenthood, talking to a social worker, talking to others who have experienced the same thing, talking to a doctor about the options available to them and if they choose abortion we are fortunate to live in country that supports safe, accessible and affordable abortions. “Protective factors that have been found to contribute to resilience in adolescence include family creativity in coping with adversity, good family relationships, spirituality and religiosity, social support in school setting and school-based health services” (Hutchison, p.265, 2015).

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