The Issue Of Student Cheating Essay

The Issue Of Student Cheating Essay

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Student cheating has become a large problem in our education system and is thriving in today’s technologically advancing society. In fact, a study conducted by the Center for Academic Integrity (CAI) found that, “more than 75 percent of students on most campuses admit to some cheating,” (Hutton). While this study was limited to students on college campuses, it is a relevant problem in all levels of education. The issue of student cheating is such a strong issue because it limits the amount of learning that a student can reach. When cheating, a student is neglecting all of the work, whether it be reading, calculating or writing, that the assignment would have required. In this process, they also lose all of the knowledge and experience that they would have gained through the assignment. In order to be sure that our students are fully benefitting from education, it is important for teachers to make great efforts to minimize, if not end, cheating in school.
Students are becoming more and more creative with time. There are endless ways that students can cheat, some of which may not even be thought of as cheating to the student. A study was conducted with sixty-seven students from the University of Missouri-Kansas City on the ways that students cheat. Murdock reported the results in her book, “A total of 34 percent of students described technology-facilitated cheating methods, such as unauthorized use of graphing calculators, cell phones, the Internet, or laptop computers during exams to complete graded work.” She continues by stating, “Approximately 63 percent of the responses described independent cheating, meaning that cheating behavior could be accomplished without assistance. Students who look over another student’s shoulder or ...

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...understand why it is a problem. It is also important to create an environment where cheating is more difficult than the actual assignment. The students should want to learn and better themselves. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Therefore, it is the job of a teacher to instill a love for learning in their students and that will naturally decrease the amount of cheating the occurs in the classroom.
If left alone, student cheating has the potential to grow large enough that it could affect the whole education system. When students are cheating, they are not learning. This will only result in a low quality education. It is not an issue that will disappear overnight. The process of ending student cheating is going to take a lot of time and effort on the parts of teachers everywhere. However, it is definitely a problem that teachers have the ability to solve.

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