The Issue Of Slavery And The United States Essay

The Issue Of Slavery And The United States Essay

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The issue of slavery was very evident in the United States during the mid 1800s. The southern states relied heavily on slavery but the Northerners wanted to abolish it. With the United States expanding, tension grew because the two hemispheres. They could not agree on whether or not the newly claimed states would be slave states. Having more slave states would benefit the South but surely ending slavery would threaten their economy that the depended on it. On the other hand, southerners recognized the immorality of slavery and some simply did not want slavery to spread because that meant the South would have more representation and power in Congress. In the election of 1852, Whig candidate Winfield Scott and Democratic candidate Franklin Pierce went toe to toe. Being that Pierce was a heavy believer in the Compromise of 1850 he won over the Democrats.
The Compromise of 1850 was a series of laws that was intended to settle the issues between the North and the South when it came to slavery. The Compromise admitted California as a Free State and left Utah and New Mexico to be decided by popular sovereignty. The slave trade in Washington D.C. ended and runaway fugitive slaves could be had strict laws to ensure that they were recovered. These laws were made in the hopes of keeping the Southern satisfied and extracting slavery from politics.
Strangely enough the democrats choose Franklin Pierce because of high devotion to the Compromise, but he ended up selecting a Senator, as his Secretary for War, with very Southern like beliefs. During his Presidency, the South wanted to expand slavery elsewhere. America was going to buy the Cuba from Spain and if they were not willing to give it up. If they were not The US was going to have to tak...

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...voiced his opinion about Pierces reign as President and the fighting in Kansas. When Sumner gave his speech, known as “Crime against Kansas”, on 1856 in front of the Senate he criticized Pierce for doing wrong by Kansas, by not keeping his word, and not allowing it to be a free state as they wanted. He even went and compared Kansas to a virgin being raped by slavery. It was evident that this speech was meant to pierce the South. When Sumner insulted South Carolinas Senator Andrew Butler he brutally beaten it took him around three years to recover from this he became a hero in the North. And the man, who beat him, became a hero in the South. The election following the trouble in Kansas challenged the survival of most parties and the votes were largely divided.. The country was clearly in chaos, the division, tension, and rage was evident so war was surely on its way.

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