The Issue Of Refugees And Asylum Seekers Essay

The Issue Of Refugees And Asylum Seekers Essay

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A preamble – including the definitions of ‘refugee’ and ‘asylum seeker’ in relation to Australian immigration policy
Refugees and Asylum seekers are similar but not the same; a Refugee is “someone who is unable or unwilling to return to their own country because of a well founded fear of being persecuted because of their race, religion, opinion or membership of a certain social group”. Asylum seekers are people who have just claimed that they are a refugee; they must have their claims processed by the government of the country they are applying for asylum in. This report will compare and contrast 6 key areas in the issue of refugees and the causes behind refugees, the experiences of refugees travelling to Australia, the immigration policies of Australia, the opinion of the public in Australia on refugees and the difficulties of refugees and asylum seekers on arrival in Australia.

Global factors that have caused people to become refugees and asylum seekers

During the 2nd world war there was a very large amount of displaced refugees, the main causes for these refugees were the Holocaust and conflicts in Western Europe, they were the two major areas that had refugees. After the war many countries wanted refugees to bring into and help repopulate after the war.

21st Century
Currently there are many conflicts in the world, in particular the Gaza strip in Palestine have caused many people to flee in fear of being killed by the crossfire.

The Experiences of those who travelled form their state of origin to Australia in:

People in the 1970’s did try getting here by boat, but these boats were as they are now ill equipped to deal with the amount of people that were onboard. Many were picked up by the navy and taken to ...

... middle of paper ...

...kers in:

The immigration policy in 1970’s Australia was at least acceptable; it is similar to the policy’s that are in place at the moment. Many people were able to come to Australia because the white Australia policy had essentially been abolished, in 1973 there was an amendment to the immigration policy which saw all racial discriminatory parts of it removed and the 1975 racial discrimination act was ‘formaly rejected’ because of the racism in it
21st Century

The public opinion of Australians towards refugees and asylum seekers in:


21st Century

Difficulties and challenges faced by the refugees and asylum seekers upon arrival in Australia in:


21st Century

Based on the above information, a summary of the report, including key recommendations for the handling of new refugees and asylum seeker arrivals in the future.

Sources and Footnotes:

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