The Issue Of Racial Discrimination Essay

The Issue Of Racial Discrimination Essay

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Issues of racial injustices have been a problem in the United States throughout generations. Athletes have always had their opinions on racial issues and have never seemed to hesitate to speak their mind. Recently Colin Kaepernick has been sitting out of the National Anthem to protest for “black lives matter.” The representation of race in the Article, Tommie Smith, iconic 1968 Olympics activist, defends Colin Kaepernick’s protest, by Nancy Armour, is a modern way to protest the racial injustices our country has been facing. Colin Kaepernick is simply standing up for what he believes in. It’s easy to say that he’s even following in the shoes of Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson, Smith, and Carlos in their stances on racial issues. Critics of Colin Kaepernick say that his method is not an effective way to bring the issue of racism to people’s attention. Media tries to force vast reactions out of the general public and start controversy. Racism is everywhere in our country and there seems to be no direct answer to the problem.
The issue of racial injustices in our country is being brought to the public’s attention in new ways not seen before. Colin Kaepernicks method to sit out of the National Anthem has brought quite a stir to the country. All kinds of opinions have been brought up by different people, either for or against his method. Colin Kaepernicks reason to the madness is to bring attention to the prejudices young black males receive from cops and others around the country. In the article Nancy Armour states, “The manner in which the San Francisco 49ers quarterback protested makes it convenient to overlook all of that” (par. 5). Colin Kaeprnicks message is not being followed by the vast majority of America because of the method...

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...see that he is sitting out of the National Anthem and don’t even bother to think of his reasoning for it. If people first understand the meaning to his actions they might not be as offended, and even stand up for Kaepernick. The same goes for the article “This Person Doesn’t Sound White.” Employers and landlords should look in depth at the person’s qualifications and not just their name. This would instantly make the United States a less judgmental and ignorant country.
There are so many different ways in which races have to deal with racial injustices in the United States. 50 some years after the Civil Rights Movement there’s still problems with inequality in our society. Resolution is far way and there seems to be no direct answer to the madness. Tommie Smith says, “There are a lot of battles to fight because it’s a big, long war,” and he couldn’t be more right.

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