Essay on The Issue Of Problem Gambling

Essay on The Issue Of Problem Gambling

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The Issue of Problem Gambling

“Problem gambling, also known as gambling addiction or compulsive gambling, is defined as the urge to gamble despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to stop” (Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance 2015). Karen Frazier states, nearly 3 percent or 6 million adults and 500,000 teens meet the criteria for problem gambling (Frazier, 2015). Legalized Gambling has many positive aspects, and it should be noted that though a large number of citizens are considered “problem gamblers,” the majority of the population gambles causally and in moderation.
Gambling addiction is a unique addiction that can sneak up on just about anyone. Just about everyone has the urge to gamble or make a wager on something they feel confident about. Legal gambling is incredibly diverse today ranging from horse races, card tables, slots, the lottery, and many more. There is something for just about everyone. According to the Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance website, “the most serious form of pathological gambling, the essential feature of which is ‘persistent and recurrent maladaptive behavior that disrupts personal, family or vocational pursuits.’ (American Psychiatric Association – DSM-IV).” Three problems that are generally associated with problem gambling are debt, depression, and bankruptcy, but many more problems are associated that are often over looked. Social and emotional devastation, loss of careers and potential education, and can be completely detrimental to ones family and social relationships. Those who have gambling problems often suffer from at least one other addiction. It doesn’t help that Casinos offer smoking inside and free drinks to gamblers. Those with addictive personalities are easily...

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...ling, and each is effective in their own way (Segal.)
Just like all good things in life, gambling must be taken in moderation. There are many cards stacked against a problem gambler. Once they are on a gaming floor, they are almost in another world. There are no clocks or windows in sight, they can play a card game to win money, and have free drinks served to them. Casinos are appealing for a reason. Each business must advertise and attract guests to their properties in order to service. Some tactics that are used on gaming floors to keep players on the floor may seem like influenced for addictions to thrive, but they serve a much greater purpose. That purpose is to simply run a casino the right way. We are all sinful by nature and are very habitual. This aspect of human nature is unavoidable in all walks of life, and we all must be aware of our limitations.

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