The Issue Of Interpreting God 's Words Essay

The Issue Of Interpreting God 's Words Essay

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The issue of interpreting God’s words to discern his wishes has been one that has long plagued those that worship and follow Him. Humans rarely know what is actually on God’s mind. The Bible rarely, if ever, discloses this information, and God Himself does not share his thoughts either in the scriptures. Thus, both characters and readers are forced to interpret His thoughts and will based off His words and actions alone. However by Samuel 1 and 2 God does not actually physically manifest in front of humans, nor does he actually take action himself. Rather, He reveals His words through mortal prophets, such as Samuel himself. Unfortunately, by being indirect God creates ambiguity and thus confusion over the interpretation of these words and what He actually wants. The question then, is what human actually has the right to interpret God’s will through His words. As Saul has demonstrated, sometimes God’s commands are rather ambiguous, but anyone who assumes to know what God ultimately plans is implying that they are equal to God and know His thoughts, something extremely arrogant. David does not do so, and indeed it can be extrapolated that his character traits of humility and obedience are what ultimately lead to him earning blessings from God. Therefore by not having David assume God’s will through human interpretation, the Bible characterizes David as humble and obedient to God above all else, thus contributing to the explanation of why David has God’s favor.
Through his actions, David is shown as humble and obedient. There is always the issue of humans trying to understand God and interpret what exactly He wants. But by assuming that mortals have the ability to know what God is thinking is arrogant in and of itself, because then...

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...ingdom of his descendents (2 Samuel 7:9-13). Saul, as a result of his own arrogance and actions in presuming God’s will, had been cursed with destruction, which only highlights the rewards that David reaps from his obedience. Thus, David gains God’s favor as a result of his character traits of humility and obedience.
Throughout the Bible God appears in different forms and makes his will known in different ways. By Samuel He chooses to speak through his prophets which sometimes leads to ambiguity. Some humans assume that they know what is God’s plans, but by doing so win God’s displeasure. Conversely, people like David, who never presume that they know what God wants and instead just simply obey his commands win His favor. The Bible thus depicts David as obedient and humble through David’s actions in 1 Samuel 24, which ultimately explain how David gains God’s favor.

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