The Issue Of Insurance And Affordability Essay

The Issue Of Insurance And Affordability Essay

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Worldwide, science and medicine have come a far way, especially here in the United States. Doctors and scientists can now cure diseases that once ravaged countries in a matter of days. In the case of the incurable (HIV and some cancers) prolong life, but at the end of it all the health care systems in the U.S leaves much to desire.In the foreground of it all there is the issue of insurance and affordability, followed closely by Hospitals lacking the equipment or skills to handle certain situations and finally the issue of not enough preventative care being offered. Considered among the richest of nations, yet failing its citizens in an inexcusable way. America must make changes to its current healthcare system to appease the frustration of its struggling working class population.
Most Americans are worried about a government controlled health care system, but easily overlook the fact that hospitals ,doctors and even themselves are already puppets of the private insurance companies. These companies are not concerned about the well being of the insured, their main focus is maximizing profits. The average American pays insurance on a bi-weekly to monthly basis for years never actually using it ,but in the time of need insurance companies delay treatment by requiring doctors to request their approval before treatment for fear of legal implications .Some insurance companies have hidden clauses that even allow them to flat out deny coverage in certain situations. A classic example of this was an interview conducted with an American citizen that has travelled to several European and south American countries. When asked to share on the topic of healthcare and insurance ,she ...

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...ample, if we go to the dentist for regular checkups, then we prevent further complications and high cost restoration fees.Regular eye check ups can lead to doctors detecting issues that may stem from a simple vitamin deficiency, saving the eyes and insurance company the expense of glasses.
As of the year 2015 some 10.4% (33 million) Americans are still uninsured. The health care dilemma is not an easy fix, It is hard to find the perfect program, which might not even exist, but we should look for better solutions and try to implement them. We can 't just be negative to the new proposals.America,as proud and great as she stands has her flaws ,could stand to take point and adopt a working system other countries use like that of socialized medicine.For success and a brighter future change in our deplorable healthcare system is a must.

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