Essay on The Issue Of Information Security Programs

Essay on The Issue Of Information Security Programs

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As relates to the Issue of Information Security programs, the Department of Health and Human Sciences has formulated various different policies aimed at governing information handling and security as concerns all the departments’ resources. Common in the list of policies are the Policy on Information and Technology security for Remote Access which was established to ensure the information and technology departments resources are appropriately protected during the authorization of remote accessibility to the automated information and system of the department of human and health services. The policy for prevention ,detection, removal, and the reportage of malicious computer software, such as computer viruses whose main purpose is to assure the department of Health and Human Sciences that pro-active security measures are always taken to prevent malicious software attacks from occurring; to raise awareness for recognizing and immediately reporting the occurrence of malicious software; and also to ensure that appropriate action is taken in minimizing the consequences of malicious software attacks.

Among others is also the first issuance Policy for Privacy Impact Assessments for all Department of Health and Human Services, information technology systems which provides detailed instructions that aid in properly populating the Privacy Impact Assessments, and also a summary of the federal requirements and guidance laws that protect personally identifiable information (PII).which go a long way in helping to ensure privacy protections are incorporated into every stage of an IT system’s life cycle. There is also a departmental policy on the limited acceptable personal use of its information technology resources by federal staff, contracto...

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...e areas of application are still common to all. Policies apply to all Department Operating Divisions (OPDIVs) and Staff Divisions (STAFFDIVs), including the Offices of the Secretary and Office of the Inspector General, and also to all organizations operating IT systems on behalf of the Department


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