The Issue Of Increasing Taxes Essay

The Issue Of Increasing Taxes Essay

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Economic Freedom
Daniel Singh
Engineering and the Profession
Dr. Leo Oriet
Friday, October 17, 2014

Singh 2
The issue of increasing taxes is always a key argument regarding the economic freedom of citizens and workers in Canada and around the world. People work hard for the money that they earn, so raising taxes, in an already highly taxed country, may greatly upset them. Taxes are issued to fund government spending and aid with projects. These projects may lead to major improvements for roadways, government services, as well as new forms of attraction. Based on Canada’s government and the potential for increased taxes, engineers and other workers can be highly affected through higher taxes and job off shoring. The Canadian government is the place to start when dealing with increasing taxes.
In Canada, there is a democratic monarchy, with a Prime Minister elected as head of the government. Federal and Provincial governments all share their responsibilities and functions and federal responsibilities are carried out by the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. The executive branch enforces federal laws from the legislative branch and includes the Queen, the Cabinet, and administration. The legislative branch has the responsibility of creating laws and studying public policy and is composed of the Queen, House of Commons, and Senate. Lastly, the judicial branch applies these laws through judges and courts which operate independently from executive and legislative branches. These three branches play very important roles in the laws, rights, services, health, and protection of citizens. The Constitution Act is a declaration of the supreme law of Canada. It defines the basic principles of Canada’s democratic gover...

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...ave to be taxed a certain percent at the end of the year. If taxes increase in favour of social justice, the economy may come to a balance; however, it would be extremely unfair to citizens who spent the time to study and achieve the proper credentials to work as an engineer, doctor, or businessman. Their hard earned money will be taken from them to satisfy the economy, with people who solely depend on others and cannot work for themselves. In a way, this can be seen as theft, as the government is taking money that someone worked so hard for.

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