Essay on The Issue of Immigration for Women

Essay on The Issue of Immigration for Women

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This United States of America is not fond of undocumented immigrants, especially women. Cruel anti-immigrant laws, policies, and practices have had especially dramatic impact on immigrant women and their families. These measures force immigrant women to choose between the threat of an abusive husband and the threat of deportation if they call the police. Immigration policies can also make women sit in detention, thus leaving their children. During this time, some of the women might be raped by officers. This is because detention lacks sexual abuse prevention policies. These women who are in the detention centers are not dangerous, instead they are placed behind bars because of small crimes such as driving without a license or they are charged the civil crime for violating immigration laws.Women are faced with the emotional burden of separation from their families.
In 2009, Georgia enrolled in a program that permits the police to check the status of anyone that stop on suspicion of any crime or minor traffic violation. If the immigrant is arrest then he/she can be held for some time...

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