Essay on The Issue Of Human Rights

Essay on The Issue Of Human Rights

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Human rights are fundamental to people of every race, gender and creed. Their interpretation however, varies across the regions of the world. Something that could be viewed as horrible in another part could be well accepted elsewhere. For example, in other parts of the world, children can not square up to their parents in heated debates. Elsewhere, especially in industrialized nations, children can be obstinate to the point of being disrespectful and the law stands with them because, they also have rights. To cite a different example, in Apartheid South Africa, racial discrimination against blacks was quite normal for white people, whereas it was actually downright human rights abuses. For many centuries, human rights attributed to people depended heavily on where they live. Societies across the globe each inherited them from their predecessors with some changes being made to suit the contemporaries ' choices. However, as the world becomes increasingly one global village today, the acceptability what is right or wrong is more universal. Countries with democratically elected governments have very strong inclination to providing for the protection of the basic rights of humans. Democracy itself is in the vanguard of human rights. In a democracy, citizens are free to express themselves, form and support political parties they choose to, worship whichever deity they decide to, associate with whomever they wish to and marry anyone that they love, at the right age amongst other considerations. Additionally, human rights laws guard against exploitation of people as well as guaranteeing that clean drinking water, education, shelter and food are provided affordably. Governments as well as individual entities in these countries are mandated...

... middle of paper ... ruins and the leaders of the USA and UK went scot-free. Had the case been that a smaller country had done so, it would had been lambasted and used as an example of bad behavior. Similarly, Saudi Arabia is a gross human rights abuser, which jails dissenters to the royal family-led government and journalists who promote freedom of speech among others, has gotten no reprimand from the world because of its vast oil wealth. This leads to the discovery of glaring inadequacies in the application of human rights laws to different societies by the bodies such as the United Nations. Human rights are supposed to be afforded to everyone, rich, poor or otherwise and there are to be no exceptions in stopping human rights abuses in a free and just world. This goes on to show that perhaps, there is still a long way to go in the promotion and upholding of the rights of man.

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