Essay on The Issue Of Gun Control

Essay on The Issue Of Gun Control

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Gun Control is one of the issues that always find its way into the public eye when
election time comes around or when tragedy strikes. This very delicate issue has been getting a
lot more attention today with the Aurora Colorado and Sandy Hook shootings. This begs the
question ‘what’s the limit on what someone can own.’ Or ‘should someone be allowed to own a
firearm’. Especially when in the past 30 years movie franchises like Die Hard, The Matrix, and
the Expendables glorify the use of firearms; or video game franchises like Call of Duty and Halo
brainwashing an audience that isn’t of age to play these games in the use of firearms. The most
effective solution to this issue is to create legal parameters around the acquisition of firearms
without necessarily infringing the second amendment.
The current parameters for acquiring standard firearms or higher caliber ordinance lie in a
very grey area, which is why this debate has been brought up every single election or tragedy.
Most individuals can walk up to their local outdoor sporting goods store and purchase a firearm
if they are of age and have the correct permits. A large portion of the pro-gun circuit is dead set
that putting regulations on firearms will just make it harder for the ‘simple man’ to defend
themselves. This is partially true depending on exactly how the legal parameters are made.
Pro-gun organizations claim that if firearms are banned that the criminals will still
procure their firearms from illegal arms vendors because they believe that is where a majority of
the criminal populace get their ordinance. According to Gary Kleck “Some criminals acquire
guns legally from licensed dealers through legal purchases (because the criminals are not
convicted felons, and do not...

... middle of paper ...

...eve otherwise.
Firearms purchased are registered and kept by the vendors of the firearms, that way in case an
arrest or questioning of an individual requires a warrant just like everything else. This gives a majority of
power to the people and less to the actual government, the way our founding fathers intended it to be. The
ultimate goal is to regulate the sale of firearms; we want them to be sold not confiscated; however we
don’t want everyone walking down the street with a Glock 17. A Gun is merely a tool; a tool needs a
wielder to be useful. So not only are these regulations needed but there needs to be more knowledge and
teaching on this subject matter. A tool is only as effective as someone using it. We as society need to be
united in our motivation to decrease gun violence, but at the same time respect and abide by the
guidelines set before us by our founders.

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