Essay on The Issue Of Gq By Stephen Colbert

Essay on The Issue Of Gq By Stephen Colbert

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Women’s Health, Cosmo, Maxim, GQ, an absurd 380 page Vogue magazine; all in view as I walk down the aisle at Jewel. The one I decided to pick up was the September issue of GQ. Stephen Colbert was on the front cover, coffee mug with his face on it in hand, and using his other to “smoke” a pickle. It made me laugh, unlike the others; just sitting there with the same type of girl or guy on every cover. I also know Stephen Colbert’s character and what it represents. He’s completely outside of the box and challenges people’s ideas with humor. He is philosophical and speaks his mind, no matter how taboo it might be considered. As we read earlier in the semester, Thomas Frank believes that “countercultural idea has become the official aesthetic of consumer society”. My reasoning for purchasing the magazine supports Frank’s idea, and so do the advertisements inside of it.
GQ posts an ad for Saint Lauret. A model is dressed in a leopard print shirt, midriff showing, wearing tight black pants. I’m sure you’re imagining a female, right? Wrong, the model is a male. In a Versace ad, a man with pink, slicked back hair, wearing a long coat with a fur collar poses for the camera. In Commodify Your Dissent, it states that up until the 1950’s (when the countercultural idea began), human instincts and natural sexual desires were to be suppressed. Church was to be a part of your weekly routine, and even interracial marriage was still banned in half of the United States. Fast forwarding, gay marriage was illegal in most places until just this year. In 2009, 37% of people supported same sex marriage, rising to 57% in 2015. One of the many ways we rebelled and protested the illegalization was hosting gay pride parades. Streets ran wild with...

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...ussed. This entire section of the magazine takes what was once stigmatized, and shines a positive light on the subject. After all, legalization has already begun.
GQ has done an outstanding job at supporting Frank’s idea that we are being sold on “difference” and no longer “conformity”. Freedom of speech and our liberty is what makes our lives worth living. Even though advertisements main role is to get us to purchase, they, along with music, movies, videos, blogs, etc, show the progress humans have made. Gays can marry and women go to war. If we can poison ourselves with alcohol, marijuana (especially for medical needs) can be used. You can be employed AND have tattoos. A black man can win a presidential election. Religious views are shared and discussed and atheism is more common. The world is changing, and our right to be who we are is becoming more apparent.

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