Essay on The Issue of Genocide

Essay on The Issue of Genocide

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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" (Santayana 1). Most people probably have heard of the phrase, but not even half of them fathom the importance of it. It's been clichéd in our younger generations and most of the kids in highschool could not care less about something that would not concern them personally. To provide and mandate the reading of Night prior to graduation should be implemented in our education system because it will ensure us that the upcoming generations will have an idea of what happened during Germany's darkest hours. From reading this book, they will understand how a boy survived the inhumane horrors of the Holocaust that killed nearly sixteen million people, including a majority of jews and other minorities. This heart touching story will enlighten those who are not aware of the Jewish Holocaust and provide a first hand account of a survivor's experience. Primary sources of information written by the witnesses themselves such as the book Night, will cause the audience to feel a deeper connection with those who died in the Holocaust, and those who survived. By being able to bond with the author's feelings, the reader will not only know what happened during the mass genocide, but also personal experiences that he or she went through.
Adolf Hitler was too ignorant and egotistical to actually realize that he misunderstood the word "Aryan;" he thought that it described the master race, which was blonde hair and blue eyes, but truly, it was just a linguistic term. In reality however, he did not even meet the criteria. "To get the perfect race, he didn't want any other blood or genes except those of Germans. Therefore, he didn't want Jewish or any other types of blood to be considered ...

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...t a first hand glimpse at the prejudice, and cruelties that Elie had to dealt with, but also a fine understanding of how you could relate recent situations to the past. Well, some might disagree and say that,"Well, doesn't it depend on the person who learned the information instead of what they learned?" For starters, that is only part true. Children who grow up in a peaceful and content environment where they are loved would not just suddenly become immoral. Most people don't change, such as, if you were to learn about the atrocities of the Holocaust, you would not really want to repeat such an act since you were introduced to it a younger age and people were telling you that it was a bad thing. So, from just reading this book and learning from the past, it could eminently bring us a step closer to a more peaceful community as there would not be as many mistakes.

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