The Issue Of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

The Issue Of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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Over time, the human species has applauded themselves for their advances in things like science, technology, medicine, and engineering. However, with every step forward is a step back – many people have become resistant to the changes that the future brings, and many are afraid that these scientific advancements are giving us too much power and ultimately uprooting us from our relationship with nature. This love-hate relationship has most recently been cast upon GMO 's, as there 's been a lot of controversy about whether or not they 're something that we should ban entirely. Many people who are strongly opposed to GMO 's dislike them because they don 't have a full picture of the facts, or are simply misunderstanding the meaning of the term. GMO 's are ultimately a good thing for the world and should not be feared as a concept.
Before we look more introspectively at this subject, I think it 's important to define exactly what a “GMO” is. The acronym is short for “Genetically Modified Organism”, but according to the FDA, the term “GE” or “eenetic engineering” is more precise. The term “genetic engineering” is used “to refer to genetic modification practices that utilize modern biotechnology” in a process where “scientists make targeted changes to a plant’s genetic makeup to give the plant a new desirable trait”. (, “Consumer Info About Food from Genetically Engineered Plants“) You will also sometimes hear the term “rDNA” used, which is short for “recombinant DNA” - or DNA that 's been altered to include genes from two different sources. The most common method for producing GMO 's is one that many people are familiar with: selective breeding. Many common household pets are the result of genetic modification, as breeders will...

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...aper, and more durable than non-genetically modified foods – in short, they 're an incredibly practical solution to a worldwide epidemic.
GMO 's are ultimately a good thing for the world and should not be feared as a concept. Many of the reasons people list for avoiding them are simply scare tactics with no basis in actual facts or evidence. They 're an easy, reasonable solution to many of our country 's current problems, and they have not been proven to cause any health defects. Even the possible negative consequences can be overlooked when you step back and take a look at the problem on a world-wide scale. Is it really worth it to stick to non-genetically modified foods, rely on pesticide use, and tear up larger plots of land for farming just to avoid altering some genetic code? I don 't think so, and I hope that by the end of reading this paper you don 't either.

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