Essay on The Issue Of Free College

Essay on The Issue Of Free College

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Free education is a topic that has all the nations talking about. Most people believe that the government should buy for it, while others believe that higher education is something you have to pay for. While other countries like Germany, Finland, and Norway 's government all pay for their college tuition. That have many Americans wondering why we have to pay for college?

Most Democrats support the idea of free college education. They to want college tuition for everybody. A report in september 4 2012 says that “Democrats took on banks to reform our students loans program, saving more than $60 million by removing the banks acting as middleman so we can better and more directly invest in students” (2012 Democratic Party Platform, 2012). By the Democrats doing this, this can help out a lot of people that can’t pay for their four years of college or their loans. “In 2010, President Obama signed a law with students loan reform and that cut out a huge role in the banks, In 2015, President Obama announced a landmark proposal to make community college free to anyone who is willing to work for it”.( Education, 2015). In other countries that’s in or around Europe like this idea because they believe that there government should help them, when the does pay for their college they 're going to have to pay all that money when they get the chance. “A company that helps students make decision about education.” (Is a college education worth it, 2015). Nowadays most companies. give out donations to help a school with scholarship money and by doing that they are helping trying to make college a decision. A story back in 2014 shows how German universities are allowing Americans and international students to study at their college for free. ...

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...ollege, and do not have the job or money to pay it back.

I believe that college should be free but I also believe that idea is not going to happen. I say this because the thought of it is going to cost around six million dollars and most of that is coming from taxpayer and most people in the United States don’t pay their taxes. I want it to happen because when you leave college you don’t have to worry about paying a very expensive debt that you are going to be paying for most of your life. It make people believe that they have a choice to get into college because if they work hard on their grades for the college of their choice they don’t have to worry about paying the tuition. Even though the thought of a free college is great idea I believe that at this moment in time and history it’s not going to happen because the United States government don’t have the money.

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