Essay about The Issue Of Federal Entitlement Program

Essay about The Issue Of Federal Entitlement Program

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The United States has been facing some serious issues for an extensive amount of years, and it is our duty, as American citizens, to find a solution to these problems that we are facing because they not only affect us, but these problems affect the future generations of America. In today’s society, about one half of American families are receiving some kind of benefits from the government, which is furthering our beloved country into a current debt of $18 trillion and on the rise. In 2010, federal entitlement program spending had risen to a shocking $2.2 trillion; money that went toward Medicare (health care for elderly people), Medicaid (health care for less fortunate people), and Social Security (retirement money for elderly people). At the current rate that the government is spending in entitlement plans, men, women, and children would have to pay $7,200 to get the United States out of debt, but that would not solve the problem of spending. The government would continue to further spend money and put the United States into debt once more. At this rapid spending rate, the United States will run out of money eventually, and taxes will soar or inflation will happen (Bennet, 2015). We need to solve this national debt problem and try and cut government spending. In this paper, it will be discussing major problems of equality in every sense, preserving the environment and the struggles that the environment is facing, and poverty in the United States.
Equality and Opportunity
The United States faces matters with gender equality and racism every day. These problems have become every day occurrences that get looked over by the general public because they have become social norms. Opportunity in America has actually believed ...

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...ams started by President Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1960s, government has spent $20 trillion on programs to provide food, house, money, health care, and other services to the poor. Fifteen percent of the current population in the United States are people living in poverty and are in need of the entitlement program; they are receiving thousands of dollars from the government each year they are on the welfare program. This is causing a problem because the United States does not have enough money to keep up these programs because the United States is deeply in debt. The welfare program is not “financially sustainable.” This ever-growing welfare program takes away character from Americans and liberty by allowing people to rely so heavily on this (Bennet, 2015). The country is going to fall apart in the future if people continue on this path of self-destruction.

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