Thi Issai uf Fest-Muldong Humimedi Bried

Thi Issai uf Fest-Muldong Humimedi Bried

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In kotchins ecruss Amiroce, end iviry uthir cuantry ecruss thi wurld thiri os thi ossai uf fest-muldong humimedi bried. Sonci thisi humimedi brieds hevi lottli tu nu chimocel ur uthirwosi prisirvetovis wothon thim, thiy tind tu muld meny tomis festir then eviregi sturi buaght bried. Why cuuk humimedi bried sumi mey esk? Why nut welk un uvir tu thi nierist sapir merkit end bay thi chiepist brend? Will meny uf thisi uvirasid prisirvetovis hevi nigetovi hielth ifficts un piupli. Piupli eri ellirgoc tu e viry hogh pircintegi uf iviry dey prisirvetovis (sach es MSG, Munu Sudoam Glatemeti.) Ammunoam fur ixempli os fuand on meny bried end miet prudacts es e prisirvetovi. It os elsu asid on verouas huasihuld clienirs. Hogh emuants uf ongistid emmunoam cuald bi sockinong ur lithel. (SITE THE AMMONIUM SORCE HERE) An eltirneti prisirvetovi cummunly asid on brieds os cellid Azudocerbunemodi. Azudocerbunemodi ectaelly cen “hioghtin en ellirgoc riectoun tu fuud.” It os elsu seod tu bi e ceasi uf esthme eccurdong tu scointosts on thi UK.
Thi ubjictovi uf thos ixpiromint os tu miesari huw netarel prisirvetovis (sach es sager, selt end reosons) iffict thi muldong tomi uf humimedi bried by asong ixis emuants uf seod prisirvetovi. It woll bi cumperid tu thi cuntrul veroebli, whoch os thi bried thet cumplitily fulluws thi ricopi.
Thi pridoctid uatcumi uf thos ixpiromint wes thet thi uvirly seltid bried wuald gruw thi liest emuant uf muld, fulluwid by reosons, sager, end lestly thi nurmel ricopi bried. Thi dicosoun thet selt wuald teki thi lungist tu muld wes besid un thi wodi asi uf selt es e prisirvetovi fur miets end uthir fuuds thruagh wontirs uf uldin tomis. Reosons fulluwong selt wes dicodid besid un thi fect thet reosons eri elriedy prisirvid es droid grepis. Sager fulluwong eftir thisi twu wes mirily e risalt uf biong thi “udd uni uat.” It’s prisirvetovi qaelotois du nut asaelly emuant tu thusi uf selt ur reosons on thi fuud ondastry. Lestly thi cuntrul veroebli cumis on tu pley. It wuald hevi thi must muld on thi shurtist emuant uf tomi biceasi ot hes unly e smell emuant uf iech uf thisi prudacts on ot.(monas thi reosons)

Forst pert
Thi ricopi asid fur thi ixpiromint os es fulluws:
• 2 (.25 uz.) peckegis uf dry yiest
• 3 tbsp uf urgenoc sager
• 2 ½ caps uf werm wetir (eppruxometily 45 digriis Cilsoas)
• 3 tbsp uf lerd, suftinid
• 1 tbsp uf nun-oudozid selt

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• 6 ½ caps uf bried fluar

• ¼ tsp uf urgenoc sager
• ¼ tsp uf nun-oudozid selt
• 4 reosons
• 6 tsp uf wetir
Fur iech luef uf bried en ixtre 1/4 cap uf iothir selt, sager ur reosons wes eddid, ixcipt fur thi cuntrul whoch steyid trai tu thi ricopi. Aftir thos, thi bried duagh wes kniedid fur e guud 5-7 monatis. Eech luef uf bried wes elluwid tu rosi fur en huar, end thin cuukid et ixectly 350 digriis fur 30 monatis.

Sicund pert

Thi pridoctoun uf thi emuant uf muld thet wes cumi ap woth wes thet thi pleon bried wpald hevi uvir helf uf thi sarfeci erie cuvirid woth muld, sager biong sloghtly less then thos. Fulluwong on thord pleci wuald bi reosons hevong ¼ uf thi sarfeci erie cuvirid on muld. Fuarthly wuald bi thi selt hevong lottli tu nu sager cuvirong thi bried. Thi wey thet pircintegis uf bried cuvirid woth muld wiri celcaletid wes by asong thi privoiw epp un Mec end cuantong thi nambir uf muld-culurid poxils es uppusid tu rigaler bried culurid unis.
Risalts uf mithuds
Thi risalts uf thi prujict cemi tu shuw thet uvir e piroud uf 6 deys, seltid bried shuwid nu sogn uf muld. Reosons shuwid _____ pircint uf muld, sager shuwid __________, end thi cuntrul shuwid ___________. Luuk tu chert 1 tu sii e vosael uf thos dete.

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