The Issue Of Euthanasia Is All Over The Place Essay

The Issue Of Euthanasia Is All Over The Place Essay

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The issue of Euthanasia is all over the place, while some feel individuals should have the right to determine when and how they end their lives, others oppose the involvement of doctors in the process, and lastly some people disagree with euthanasia for religious reasons for example in Christian religion the belief that if one commits suicide you will be immediately sent to hell. With these contrasting views a massive debate on the issue is created, impacting thousands of lives who both wish and disagree with the idea of legalizing euthanasia. One of the wishers is Gloria Taylor who suffers from Lou Gehrig 's disease (ALS) which is an incurable illness that progressively weakens and degenerates muscles to the stage of paralysis. So on August 2011, Taylor participated in a case to change the laws of doctor assisted suicide. Alongside Taylor in the trial are family physician Dr. William Shoichet, the BC Civil Liberties Association and Lee Carter and her husband Hollis Johnson. Lee Carter and Hollis Johnson involvement in this trial stems from Carter 's mother who suffered from spinal stenosis who they had to travel all of the way up to Switzerland in 2009 so that she could die with the help of a doctor. "Lee and Hollis feel they could be criminally prosecuted for assisting her mother and that 's why they are challenging the laws," said BC Civil Liberties lawyer Grace Pastine. While believers for doctor-assisted suicide protesting that Canada needs to change the laws, opponents argue the issue raises serious concerns about abuse by people who stand to gain from the death of someone who may not be in a position to provide consent to assisted suicide.
Euthanasia also known to some as mercy killing, has its own cause and effect. The ca...

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...involved in the decision to remove life support. Unfortunately this new healthcare system we will soon be facing may take that decision out of the hands of the people, and place it in those of a panel of bureaucrats. If a prognosis is terminal, or if a living will requests it, and that is a final decision arrived at in consultation with the parties directly affected then there shouldn’t be an issue. As far an actual doctor assisted suicide, that too is a difficult decision. There are legal, religious, or spiritual factors, and considerations which must be taken into account. One big concern would be that someone outside the medical profession could require or compel a physician or medical practitioner to perform an assisted suicide against his or her will. There is really no right or wrong answer to this question, there is just an, option to what is the right answer.

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