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The Issue Of Drunk Driving Essay example

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Every 120 seconds a person is involved in a collision, every day 27 people are killed by a drunk driver, and every year thousands. In order to make these numbers drop dramatically, harsher, firmer laws need to be put in place. Everyone makes mistakes, however, a drunk driver will drive on average of 300,000 times before they are caught. That is 300,000 chances they are taking with not only their lives but every person they share the road with. Drunk driving deaths is among the top 5 things that kill in America.

According to the MADD website, every 2 minutes a person is either injured or killed in a drunk driving collision in the United States ( Every year, drinking and driving kills thousands because the driver is given a warning, a ticket, or a night in jail. These slight consequences make little or no difference or have them realize how dangerous it is. Every time an impaired person gets behind the wheel, they jeopardize many lives as well as their own. With the laws we have now results in people still getting behind the wheel to drive, claiming “they are fine”; knowing they should not. Statistics shows every day people drink and drive more than 300,000 times, only approximately 3,200 are arrested ( Overall, mandatory jail time for drunk drivers needs to be a law.
Every person who drinks and drives threaten every driver on the road. Every day in the United States, at least 27 people die as result of drivers being impaired ( If there were laws in effect for first time or repeat offenders, it would decrease the amount of DUI related accidents. The University of British Columbia conducted a study, indicating how harsher laws has decreased DUI related crashes (www....

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...vers were arrested for driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that if all states were to lower the BAC from 0.08 to 0.05, approximately 500-800 lives would be saved every year (Fell, J.C). On the other hand, only a small percentage of drivers who get arrested are convicted of DUI ( On average, drivers drive drunk more than 80 times before ever getting caught ( Even though there have been changes, like the ignition lock; these different things do not stop the estimated thousands of lives loss each year from drunk driving alone. With this in mind, the one thing no one ever wants is to receive a phone call or have the police show up at their door, informing them that a loved one is either in the hospital, or worse, dead, because of a drunk driver.

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