Essay on The Issue Of Drug Abuse

Essay on The Issue Of Drug Abuse

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A drug as we all know, is a chemical substance affects the functioning of the body either negatively or positively. In Australia, drugs have become a major issue, which requires undivided attention in order for this problem to be eradicated. The citizens who take these drugs are hereby causing a large amount of the non-takers of drugs to leave the countries and also make it uncomfortable for them to live normal lives. In order to resolve this issue of drugs, different measure, sacrifices and decisions have to be made by both the government and all citizens of Australia. The issue of drugs in Australia requires extreme care when resolving it, because if otherwise, it may cause an increase in this problem instead of a decrease.
Drug abuse as described by Zajdow, is an economic, social, legal, health and ethical issue (1999 p. 44). The issue of drug abuse requires various departments in order for it to be eradicated and prevented at length. These departments include: the educational department, which enlightens the citizens of Australia on the consequences and side effects of drugs abuse, the police department, which enforces the laws against drug abuse and the punishments for the offenders of those laws, and other departments, which are involved in eradicating the issue of drug abuse. These departments help the government to further and easily eradicate the issue of drug abuse in Australia and without them it would be a lot harder to do so.
The drugs issue as an economic problem in Australia is said to be hazardous in the sense that workers in various companies are unable to perform their duties effectively due to the environmental hazard caused by these drug abusers. It has been discovered that economically the misuse o...

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... provide the required resources that will help these drug abusers to safely take these drugs and contain the effects the illicit drugs, will have on them. Although, this method will not help eradicate the issue of drug abuse, but it will further help to contain it while a better solution to eradicate is being researched. And also the Australian government should help provide employment for these drug abusers, in places around the world, the major cause of drug addiction has been found out to be unemployment and also these drug misusers will be able to pay their taxes efficiently, which will help reduce the economic cost of illicit drug abuse annually. The departments involved in the enforcement of the drug abuse laws and the eradication of the issue of drug abuse should will also be a great to eradicate and contain the issue of drug abuse in the Australian community.

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