The Issue Of Divorce Is Defined As A Legal Dissolution Of A Marriage By Court

The Issue Of Divorce Is Defined As A Legal Dissolution Of A Marriage By Court

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Divorce is defined as a legal dissolution of a marriage by court. Simply meaning there was an issue in the relationship leading a person or both people to unhappiness in their marriage and causing them to want out. Divorce, which is something that used to be viewed as completely unacceptable, is now a very common occurrence. With half of marriages end in divorce, the divorce rates are high. However, the divorce rate was considerably lower for the married couples of “Generation X.” There are many contributing factors as to why they have risen. Although, they all stem from changes in the world, such as technology, economy, family values and lack of motivation.
The years 1965-1980 is considered to be the “Generation X” period. A lot has changed in the 50 years; technology having the biggest change. In 1983, the first truly mobile phone was created that was made strictly to have phone calls. Now there is no limit on what people can do on their cell phones. With text, video chat, email, calling, social media, web browsers, etc. Cell phones have really changed not only our world, but us as people. Technology now-a-days can create many issues such as lack of communication and an easier way for infidelity to occur with social media influences. Infidelity then branching off to also cause trust issues an insecurity in relationships as well. According to David Jefferson and studies, “Over the last decade, as home internet access has spread, anecdotal reports of infidelity and divorce associated with the worldwide web have become widespread. Popular accounts of this phenomenon appeared early (e.g., Quittner 1997), and often. For instance, Dedmon (2002) surveyed matrimonial attorneys, finding that 42% of divorce cases in the previous year invo...

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...ople just sit around and wait for everything to be handed to them. With only one person in the relationship working it can leave an enormous amount of stress and anger toward the other. Although there are people who still have motivation to go out and work for their achievements, the new trend of laziness is now causing many people to file for a divorce.
Divorce can affect people and families in different ways. It can cause extreme heart break for some while giving others a since of relief and happiness. Though divorce will always be a dissolution of a marriage, the reasons can change and be effected in many different ways. The changes from Generation X’s divorce rates to the divorce rates now could have been caused by the changes in technology, economy, family values, and self-motivation. The best thing is to really know who you are marrying before you marry them.

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