Essay The Issue Of Diversity On College Campuses

Essay The Issue Of Diversity On College Campuses

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Literature Review
Addressing the issue of diversity on college campuses across the United States can cause contention within higher education organizations. One result of diversifying leadership can be the rise of disputes between students, faculty, and administrators. Administrators and faculty, who benefited from the status quo, where diversity was not a focus in the hiring process, are challenged by changes which allow more minorities to hold positions of leadership. Minority leaders in Higher Education face internal challenges that affect their ability to lead and to succeed. They face questions about their leadership style. According to Ramsden, there is no such thing as a one person leadership and without follower but are these followers ready for the challenges that lies ahead (1998). Minority leaders are faced with difficult challenges in college and universities that are primarily white. There is no way to overlook the issues that occur as a result of diversifying college campuses, as they impact the ability of minorities to effective lead.
Minority leaders should focus on past successes and failure to effectively lead an organization towards change (Williams, 2012). Failure in itself is a learning experience for leader to focus on the outcome of future success. Change is necessary for effective leadership. This can keep minorities leaders from failing by using various leadership skills. One best practice is to have the right people in place to deal with the challenges minority leaders encounter. Minorities in leadership positions should learn about the process, responsibilities and qualifications necessary to be an effective leader (Ambrose). People at time lack the knowledge and skills required to lead succes...

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...up that can help develop and execute plan in response to diversity issue that may occur. (Aguirre & Martinez, 2006). Consultants who are not involved with the organization take the time to research, identify and analyze issue within the organization by using their level of expertise on diversity to solve issue.
Good leadership in a diverse environment means putting aside your differences with others and taking an approach that is mindful and respectful to others around you. It is necessary to be culturally aware of the people that you are leading regardless of their status within the organization. Being able to engage, motivate, and being transparent with the people around you builds trust and respect, and strengthens a leader’s hand. Transformative leadership involves providing encouragement to subordinates and cultivating an environment that allows employees

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