Essay about The Issue Of Consensual Sex Work

Essay about The Issue Of Consensual Sex Work

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Amnesty International casted more of a boulder than a stone into the mostly still pool of the sex work debate, when in August of last year the humans right’s organization publicized, in a quote take from their website, that they would now promote “full decriminalization of all aspects of consensual sex work”, essentially stating that they would now endorse the removal of legal repercussions for not only sex workers, but for the clientele, pimps, and brothel owners as well. This has been the biggest event in the sex work discussion since Sweden enacted the Sex Purchase Act in 1999, a method for legislating prostitution that became known as the Nordic model. Since it was enacted the model has spread throughout other European countries, with its main selling point being that it penalizes the purchase of sex work, but not the prostitutes themselves. This is in direct contention with what Amnesty International is now proposing, and indefinitely more contention with the still widely held practice of full criminalization. With a believed 30 millions sex slaves in the world (Fisher), the problem is desperate for a solution, which will most effectively be achieved by the full decriminalization of sex work coupled with regulation by government entities.

Common sense would dictate that a society’s laws should personify the generally held values and beliefs of its citizens. This has been the logical backing of many of the laws criminalizing sex work, passed in the hope that they would help reduce exploitation of women, reduce prostitution related crimes, prevent STIs, and model a culture’s ideals of sex and the role of women (Carrasquillo 7).
Supporters of criminalization are correct in their assertion that legalization does increase repor...

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...97 billion dollar business, with 10 to 12 million of that coming from the United States alone, where for the most part we see that regulation has been a success (Morris).
From the comparative success of the legalization and regulation approach from the pornography industry, the implementation of a similar plan to all sex work becomes the most logical solution. Criminalization has been an abysmal failure, and it is time to admit that laws need to be made to best protect the interests of its citizens, and not to just simply act as a representation of a society’s perceived morals. The Nordic model is definitely a step up, but that is not a reason to prevent further progress, especially when it has such major logical failings. There is no reason continue the argument that legalization will never work, when it has been successfully implemented to the pornography industry.

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