Essay on The Issue Of Confronting My Own Dying

Essay on The Issue Of Confronting My Own Dying

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In this paper, the issue of confronting my own dying will be presented. I will present how being hooked to machines or other gadgets will not be a way that I would like to end my last days on earth. I will provide specific reasons why I would not like to be hooked to machines the last days of my life along with some vivid example I had with people who were dying.
Just to think about the process of dying is something that makes people uncomfortable, never-the-less to think about how we will be living the last days of our lives. In my case, I am afraid of being hooked to machines or gadgets when I die. I visit hospitals when my friends get or family members get sick, and I see how people are connected to machines just waiting to take their last breath.
The reason why I would not like to die being hooked to machines is because I do not want my family members to see me suffer. I would like to have a death where my family members don’t get to see me taking my last breath. It is more painful for family members to see their loves ones hooked to machines than if they don’t get to see them die at all. I do not want to cause sorrow nor have people to feel sorry for my situation when they see me hooked to a machine. If the option would be to be hooked to a machine, I would tell my family members that at the moment I get to be considered a vegetable, to let me go so they won’t have to deal with my situation for a long time.
In addition, another reason why I would not like to be hooked to a machine is because it cost a lot of money to keep someone hooked to machines. I would not like my family members to end up in debt because of me. My dream is that when I die, my family does not get to worry about paying bill for me, so they can at leas...

... middle of paper ... died at the house where I grew up. He was sick because he was 88 years, but his dead was so peaceful that when he died we did not even notice until his son when to his room and he was not responding. I had the opportunity to see his face, and he see that he had a peaceful dead. I had that experience when I was about 10 years old. This experience provided me with a perspective that dying was not painful; until I saw my friend who was hooked to machines all over his body.
To conclude, in this paper, I presented my worst fear when dying. I also explained why I believe that being hooked to machines is painful, costly, and it extends the suffering of family members. I provided examples of experiences I had with a friend and a family member who were dying; I declared how one was hooked to a machine and the other who died a home without any equipment hooked to his body.

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