The Issue Of Concealed Weapons Essay

The Issue Of Concealed Weapons Essay

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Concealed weapons permits, could be one of the biggest conflicts going on right now. The world is as not a dangerous place, it’s only as dangerous as you make it. Just like guns, guns are not dangerous nor do they make people dangerous; people make guns dangerous. Their major controversy over people carrying guns on their make cause an increase in crime. Along with and increase crime critics also are saying carrying a concealed weapon does not mean a dangerous person will get their hands on one.

Critics say “individuals having a concealed carry permit causes an increase in crime rate.” Which in certain cases this is true from the years 1977 to 2010, nationwide statistics show there was a 2% increase in murders, 9% increase in rapes, burglary, aggravated assault, auto theft and many more, according to a paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research. Individuals carrying weapons makes the world a more dangerous place and can lead to a crime rate explosion. If a person is carrying a gun, weather it’s on their person or in their vehicle they are more likely to use it. Humans will think because they have a gun they are more powerful then the person standing next to them and they can get away with anything. However these few statistics could be true, it is over a very wide range of time. In the United States currently 11.1 million people have a concealed carry permit. In the year 2013 a survey went around the nation to 15,000 retired police officers and 91% of them said they felt safer in public having a concealed carry permit and saw a decrease in crime in their area. The states that issued the “shall-issue” concealed carry laws saw a decrease in murders by 8%, rapes 5% and robberies by 3% according to 2000 FBI crime data. The...

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...meone. According to a crime data blogger Nick Leghorn, concealed carry citizens are also less likely to drive drunk. They understand that carrying a weapon and having this license is a privilege. A felon looks at carrying a gun illegally a privilege because they have already done so much wrong in their life and do not know how to fix it. Gun related incidents with someone who has a concealed carry permit is a fraction of 1%.

In conclusion guns are only as dangerous as the people using them, just like the world is only as dangerous as you make it. A person with a concealed weapons permit clearly is eligible and is proven to be someone that is allowed to have a weapon. You cannot keep weapons out of criminals hands its impossible. But the government and the Nation Rifle Association are doing everything in their power to make the world and the streets a safer place.

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