The Issue Of Communicating And Collaborating Essay

The Issue Of Communicating And Collaborating Essay

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Communicating and Collaborating

I feel like my writing has improved so much this semester. The way I start my writing process is researching different issues I am interested in. And before I write anything I try to learn as much about that issue so I can make a none bias judgment on how I feel about the issue. The reason I choose the issue Woman in Combat and equality is because just this year in my husband’s unit there have been three women admitted into the Artillery division. And I never really noticed that there weren’t any women in his unit until then. That is when it sparked my interested. I wondered why are they know just letting women be in combat positions. I asked my husband and all I got out of him was that, “they aren’t allowed to.” And that really bugged me. It didn’t seem fair that they were willing to risk their lives for our country and yet they couldn’t choose whatever MOS they wanted.

When I first started the doing the research I asked my friend (whose husband is also in the military) who she felt about women in combat arms fighting next to our husbands. She said she was 100 % against it. She said she would be extra worried if her husband were to get hurt would a woman be able to get him to safety? Would she be able to carry a 250+ man, both of them in full gear, under fire to safety? This one really hit home for me. My husband is a relativity big guy (275 lb., 6.3) so trying to picture a 140 .lb. woman carrying him to safety was hard. That After talking to her about it I realized she had some good reasons on why. That made me wonder if I was on the right side of the issue. I then found the articles about Shaye Haver and Kristen Greist and that changed my thinking, and I realized I do think women should be ab...

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.... With those who did participate we they gave helpful and truthful criticism that helped make our projects better.

I feel like those who did participate in our group worked very well together. We always checked up on each other and made sure that everyone was staying on top of deadlines. My group was very good at picking up extra work for each other.

I would periodically check in with our “Editor in Chief” to make sure that we were all on the same page with how we wanted our magazine to look. I felt like our group got along very well and wanted the best for all of us.

We made the best magazine we could. Our magazine has that modern minimalist, professional feel. Our magazine has very knowledgeable, and it easy to navigate. This group project gave us a lot of room to really get creative. This project really opened my eyes to different issues that affect everyone.

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